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2001 Paul Barlow

2000 Cultivar Review

This page contains a brief assessment of the performance of the cultivars I grew during 2000.

Easy to grow yellow medium intermediate. Very consistent - lots of blooms to exhibition standard. Verdict: Keep

Woolley Globe
Pure white intermediate, a bit loose for some tastes but a favourite with me. No problems to speak of.
Verdict: Keep

John Harrison
A big, heavy plant that produces a big bronze intermediate bloom. Grown one up this year after the reclassification to 'large'. Some damping but big flowers.
Verdict: Keep.

Lorna Wood
A pure white, hard petalled medium incurved. The best there is for consistency and ease of growing - good exhibition blooms too. Proved it's worth several times over (at Stirling and Perth Shows).
Verdict: Keep.

Carlene Welby
Good purple medium intermediate. Good size and very consistent for show purposes.
Verdict: Keep.

John Wingfield
The best medium reflexed cultivar I have grown - outstanding.
Verdict: Keep.

Yellow John Wingfield
A bit smaller than the parent but worth it's place in the garden for sure.
Verdict: Keep.

Pink John Wingfield
A good pink sport from John Wingfield. Taller this year - perhaps 5ft 6" to 6ft.
Verdict: Keep.

Peach John Wingfield
New in this year. Good colour but slightly smaller than the rest of the family.
Verdict: Keep.

Woolley Pride
A good October classified reflexed that can be grown for September shows. A big pink flower that needs little or no dressing for the showbench.
Verdict: Keep.

Lynn Johnson
The biggest white intermediate I have seen. Rooted and stopped early. Not as good with me this year, in fact too late for the shows but lots of good vases seen from other growers.
Verdict: Keep.

Amanda Preston
New in this year a medium white intermediate (see novelty report 2000) and well worth keeping. Excellent hard petalled flowers,  not the pure white of Woolley Globe, in fact more ivory I would say. A good performance in it's first year.
Verdict: Keep.

Clapham Snowflake
New in this year a medium white intermediate. Bloomed too late for the shows but looks promising.
Verdict: Keep.

New Stylist
A golden oldie this one. Didn't perform too well with me this year. First crown blooms damped by mid August. Run-on blooms were of good form and no damping.
Verdict: will probably try something different next year.

Peter Rowe
A bright yellow medium incurved bought in again this year after an absence of 6 years or so. Produced big flowers but form a bit rough and some damping.
Verdict: will probably try something different next year.

New in this year - a cultivar named for the Year 2000.  A light yellow medium intermediate, very tall plants but blooms show promise.
Verdict: Keep

Kimberley Marie
October classified medium bronze intermediate. I've been growing this as a Late for a couple of years and decided to try a few plants for September flowers. Good size blooms and good open intermediate form.
Verdict: Keep

Vanessa Lynn
Another golden oldie that is still worth growing. A pure white medium reflexed bloom that needs very little dressing for exhibition. Grown on a run-on again but far too late this year.
Verdict: have decided to try something else next year.

Yellow Gingernut
I've been growing this cultivar since I started with earlies in the early eighties so there's some nostalgia attached to this one. Grown one up in 2000, with two plants to a 10" pot. Bloom size reasonable but not what I hoped for.
Verdict: probably keep.

Primrose Chessington
Best of the Chessingtons in my view. Big flowers, plants very stocky plants after using growth retardant early June.
Verdict: Keep.

Lilac Chessington
Good new sport that is slightly smaller and later than some other sports but good colour.
Verdict: Probably keep.

Oyster Chessington
A big bloom this one, comparable with Primrose for size, perhaps slightly softer in the petal but good form.
Verdict: Keep.

Salmon Chessington
Smaller than the other sports this year but was grown in pots for a change.
Verdict: Not sure - may discard and look for something else.

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Last updated on 23 December, 2001