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2002 Paul Barlow

2002 Cultivar Review

This page contains a brief assessment of the performance of the cultivars I grew during 2002. 

Easy to grow yellow medium intermediate. Very consistent - lots of blooms to exhibition standard.
Verdict: Keep

Woolley Globe
Pure white intermediate, a bit loose for some tastes but a favourite with me. No problems to speak of.
Verdict: Keep

Lorna Wood
A pure white, hard petalled medium incurved. The best there is for consistency and ease of growing - good exhibition blooms too. Continues to prove it's value as an exhibition bloom.
Verdict: Keep.

Carlene Welby
Good purple medium intermediate. Good size and very consistent for show purposes.
Verdict: Keep.

John Wingfield
One of the best medium reflexed cultivar I have grown - outstanding.
Verdict: Keep.

Yellow John Wingfield
A bit smaller than the parent but worth it's place in the garden for sure.
Verdict: Keep.

Pink John Wingfield
A good pink sport from John Wingfield. The pick of the Wingfield family with me this year.
Verdict: Keep.

Peach John Wingfield
Good colour but slightly smaller than the rest of the family. Similar to pink when it comes to dressing.
Verdict: Keep.

Woolley Pride
A good October classified reflexed that can be grown for September shows. A big pink flower that needs little or no dressing for the showbench. Performed exceptionally well with me this year.
Verdict: Keep.

A light yellow medium intermediate, performed better with me this year. One of the most popular medium intermediates around at the moment.  
Verdict: Keep

Kimberley Marie
October classified medium bronze intermediate.  Good size blooms and good open intermediate form.
Verdict: Keep

Joyce Frieda
October classified medium yellow incurved raised by Harry Lawson. Mixed bag of plants from the supplier but one plant performed to expectations and I'm looking forward to greater consistency from my own propagation in 2003.  Good size blooms, hard crisp petal with no damping.
Verdict: Keep

Clapham Delight
Large cream incurved with a good reputation here in Scotland. Not at it's best in 2002 but still good enough to retain for next year.
Verdict: Keep

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Last updated on 24 October, 2002