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2002 Paul Barlow

2006 Cultivar Review

This page contains a brief assessment of the performance of some of the cultivars I grew during 2006. 

Lorna Wood
A pure white, hard petalled medium incurved. Performed quite well again this year, albeit flowering a little late in September. Grown in 10 inch clay pots
Verdict: keep

Easy to grow yellow medium intermediate. Performed reasonably well this year. Grown in 9 inch plastic pots
Verdict: Keep

Woolley Globe
Pure white intermediate, a bit loose for some tastes but one that I enjoy growing. No problems to speak of. Grown in pots again this year and flowered a bit late for most shows, need to adjust stopping date (again!) for 2007.
Verdict: Keep

Carlene Welby
Good purple medium intermediate. Good size and very consistent for show purposes.
Verdict: Keep.

A light yellow medium intermediate, performed extremely well with me this year. One of the most popular medium intermediates around at the moment.  
Verdict: Keep

Dennis Fletcher
A white medium intermediate of good size on very short plants. Grown in clay pots this year, Blooms certainly big enough but form could be better. Worth another try next year. 
Verdict: Keep

John Wingfield
One of the best medium reflexed cultivars I have grown - outstanding once again. The pick of the Wingfield family with me this year.
Verdict: Keep.

Yellow John Wingfield
A bit smaller than the parent but still worth it's place. Slightly smaller than in 2005 but still worth keeping. Verdict: Keep.

Pink John Wingfield
A good pink sport from John Wingfield. Big blooms again this year.
Verdict: Keep.

Peach John Wingfield
Good colour but slightly smaller than the rest of the family. Similar to pink when it comes to dressing. Kept on for the same reason as the yellow sport.
Verdict: Keep.

Candy John Wingfield
Good colour , clearly distinct from Pink.  Similar to peach when it comes to dressing.
Verdict: Keep.

Salmon John Wingfield
Good colour, similar size to peach and candy but with neater petal lay. 
Verdict: Keep.

Chempak Rose
October classified medium reflexed. Fine upright grower with deep pink blooms. Fabulous colour and a high percentage of exhibition standard blooms. Flowered a bit too late this year so will need to adjust stopping date in 2007.
Verdict: Keep.

Purple Chempak Rose
October classified medium reflexed. Fine upright grower with deep purple blooms. Fabulous colour and a high percentage of exhibition standard blooms.
Verdict: Keep

Red Chempak Rose
Fine upright grower with deep red blooms. Fabulous colour,  good percentage of exhibition standard blooms, appears to flower slightly earlier than the parent and the purple sport. 
Verdict: Keep

Fiona Lynn
Failed miserably with this one - that's three years in a row it's been poor - it has to go!
Verdict: Discard

Billy Bell
A venture into large cultivars for the first time in many years. Pleasantly surprised by the results and hope to improve next year. 
Verdict: Keep

Malcolm Perkins
A bright yellow large intermediate - must beone of the most vigorous and 'muscular' chrysanths I've ever grown. Blooms a little disapointing due to lots of cocked buds. Will try it again in 2007. 
Verdict: Keep

Rileys' Dynasty & Cherry Rileys' Dynasty
Obtained first class stock and had high hopes for these two. Even up to mid August they looked promising but eventually were rather smaller than I hoped for. Probably my growing methods at fault but in the purge on reflexed for 2007 these two have to go. 
Verdict: Discard

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Last updated on 25 October, 2006