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2001 Paul Barlow

1999 Cultivar Review

This page contains a look at the performance of the cultivars I grew during 1999.

Easy to grow yellow medium intermediate. Very consistent - lots of blooms to exhibition standard.

Woolley Globe
Pure white intermediate, a bit loose for some tastes but a favourite with me. No problems to speak of.

John Harrison
A big, heavy plant that produces a big bronze intermediate bloom. Excellent.

Lorna Wood
A pure white, hard petalled medium incurved. The best there is for consistency and ease of growing - good exhibition blooms too.

Carlene Welby
Good purple medium intermediate. Good size and very consistent for show purposes.

John Wingfield
The best medium reflexed cultivar I have grown - outstanding.

Yellow John Wingfield
A bit smaller than the parent but worth it's place in the garden for sure.

Pink John Wingfield
A good pink sport from John Wingfield, possibly larger than the parent.

Woolley Pride
A good October classified reflexed that can be grown for September shows. A big pink flower that needs little or no dressing for the showbench. Better during the second half of the month with me when the colour wasdeeper pink.

Lynn Johnson
The biggest white intermediate I have seen. Needs an early root and an early stop but what a flower - well worth the wait.

Worth keeping
New Stylist
A golden oldie this one. A lovely lemon yellow medium reflexed that is easy to grow. Tends to come early in the season - end August and early September. I've tried it on a run-on bud for later in September with some success.

Vanessa Lynn
Another golden oldie that is still worth growing. A pure white medium reflexed bloom that needs very little dressing for exhibition. Grown on a run on this cltivar produced blooms from the third week in September.

Yellow Gingernut
I've been growing this cultivar since I started with earlies in the early eighties so there's some nostalgia attached to this one. Still a good exhibition bloom although I grew it one up in 1999 to try to improve bloom size.

Primrose Chessington
Best of the Chessingtons in my view. Big flowers, rather tall plants (6ft 6in), nice grower.

Lilac Chessington
Good new sport that is slightly smaller than some other sports but good form and colour.

Oyster Chessington
A big bloom this one, comparable with Primrose for size, perhaps slightly softer in the petal but good form.

Salmon Chessington
Nice sport, consistent. Well worth growing.

Vision On
Three years of trying different approaches and I've decided to call it a day with this one. At it's best it is a tremendous purple reflex that needs no dressing. Unfortunately it isn't at it's best very often.

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Last updated on 23 December, 2001