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2001 Paul Barlow

Show results 2000

This page contains results and pictures from a number of Early Shows in Scotland. It is based on the shows where I  exhibited or visited in 2000, supplemented by information received from other exhibitors and enthusiasts. It is focussed largely on the North and East of Scotland. In the lists of shows below the society name is also a bookmark to enable you to quickly locate show details. Each of the photos is shown in thumbnail form, just click on the small image to see the full size picture.

2000 has not been a particularly good year for chrysanthemum growers in North East Scotland.  A poor summer with low temperatures in June and July and a distinct lack of sunshine conspired to make flowerering a little later this year. Nevertheless when the blooms eventually appeared on the showbench the standard and quality was excellent.

Unfortunately there are little or no details currently available for some shows, if information is provided at a later date then this page will be updated.

This year there is a league table showing the most popular cultivars exhibited at the shows reported here. This link will take you to this new page: Most Popular Cultivars 2000 .

Early Shows

Date Society
August 19 Aberdeen Allotment holders annual show, Sheddocksley, Aberdeen
August 26/27 Royal Horticultural Society, Duthie Park, Aberdeen
September 1/2/3 Dundee Flower Show, Camperdown Park, Dundee
September 5/6 Scottish National Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society, Stirling
September 8 Brechin Flower Show
September 9 Fraserburgh Horticultural Society
September 9 Perth Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society
September 16/17 Fife & Kinross Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society, Glenrothes
September 16 Peterhead
September 23 Aberdeen Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society, Scout Hall, Cults
September 23 Grangemouth Horticultural Society

Early Shows

Aberdeen Allotment Holders annual Show

No details currently available.

Royal Horticultural Society, Aberdeen

The RHS show is one the highlights in the Aberdeen calendar. A number of marquees are erected in the city's Duthie Park, these house the many horticultural exhibits during the two days of the show. In the chrysanthemum section the main class for three vases of large disbudded blooms was won by Dennis Morrice, Fraserburgh. Dennis exhibited Yellow and Primrose Rachel Knowles along with Deva Glow.  This year there were just two entries in the class for three vases of three medium blooms, Donald Buchan was placed first with a entry of Matlock and it's Bronze and Amber sports. Dennis was placed second using Wembley, Amber Matlock and Lorna Wood. Donalds entry was also judged Best Exhibit of Chrysanthemums and awarded the NCS Silver Medal.

In the three vase Natural Spray class Terry Stott, Aberdeen, exhibited Enbee Frill, Peach Frill and Rose Enbee Wedding   to win the class,   Doug Stewart, Aberdeen, was second withEnbee Wedding, Pennone Whistle and Peach Enbee Frill.

In the class for three vases, five stems, Exhibition Sprays, Ed Mitchell, Montrose, came first with Enbee Wedding and Bronze and Rose sports.

In the special Millennium class for novice growers first time grower Jim Craigen from Cults put up a superb vase of the white incuved 'Lorna Wood' to win the class. The judge considered these flowers so good that he also awarded the NCS Bronze Medal.

The following pictures are available:

rhs001.jpg (32390 bytes) rhs004.jpg (17809 bytes) rhs003.jpg (39561 bytes) rhs007.jpg (45473 bytes)
Three vases Large 'Lorna Wood' awarded Bronze Medal Three Vases Mediums 'Best Exhibit' Three vases sprays

Dundee Flower Show

The 2000 Dundee Flower Show was held at Camperdown Park from Friday 1st  to Sunday 3rd September. The chrysanthemum classes were again well supported. The following details reflect the winning entries in each of the main classes and the recipients of major awards.

Class description Winner and cultivars
Tayside Championship - The Windowlite Cup
3 vases, 3 distinct cultivars, 5 blooms one cultivar in each vase.
D Morrice, Fraserburgh
Clapham Delight, Primrose Rachel Knowles, Rachel Knowles
Cream Of The Barley Trophy
6 vases large, 4 or more distinct cultivars, 3 blooms one cultivar in each vase
A Patullo, Forfar
Colossus, Dorridge Crystal (2), Pearl
Celebration, Primrose Dorridge Crystal (2)
Haggart Cup
3 vases large, 3 distinct cultivars,
3 blooms one cultivar in each vase

J Kevan, Collin
Dynasty, Pearl Celebration, Yellow Courtier

Brothers Cup
6 vases medium, 4 or more distinct cultivars, 3 blooms one cultivar in each vase
D Spencer, Broughty Ferry
Amber Matlock, Bronze Matlock (2), Lorna
Wood, Matlock (2)
T D Duncan Trophy
3 vases medium, 3 distinct cultivars,
5 blooms one cultivar in each vase
D Tait, Dundee
Darlington Jubilee, Marion Gosling
Lorna Wood
D P How Trophy
3 vases medium, 3 distinct cultivars,
3 blooms one cultivar in each vase

D Spencer, Broughty Ferry
Amber Matlock, Bronze Matlock, Matlock

Forsyth Challenge Cup
6 vases exhibition sprays, 4 or more cultivars, 5 stems of one cultivar in each vase

E Wilson, Penpont
Broadway Mandy, Candlewick Limelight, Peach
Enbee Wedding, Primrose Enbee Wedding,
Primrose Pennine Oriel, White Enbee Wedding
3 vases exhibition sprays, 3 cultivars, 5 stems of one cultivar in each vase
W Little, Dumfries
Rose Enbee Wedding, White Enbee Wedding,
Yellow Pennine Oriel
Barrie Cup for best single vase of chrysanthemums D Buchan, Aberdeen
Amber Matlock
John Watson Cup for best chrysanthemum exhibit in classes 160 to 183 E Wilson, Penpont
(six vases exhibition sprays)
NCS Silver Medal for best vase of chrysanthemums E Wilson, Penpont,
Broadway Mandy
NCS Certificate Of Merit E Wilson, Penpont

Unfortunately no pictures available from Dundee this year.

Scottish National Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society

The Scottish National Chrysanthemum and Dahlia show is held at the Albert Hall in Stirling. This mid-week show relies  on the travelling chrysanthemum fraternity for the success or failure of the chrysanthemum sections. The organisers were not let down! The number and quality of chrysanthemum exhibits was excellent - maintaining the standard of previous years. The chrysanthemum results were as follows:

Large Disbud Classes
In the class for 6 vases of 5 blooms, The 'Mason' trophy, there were three entries this year: Tom Buchan (Fraserburgh), Dave Scott (Grangemouth) and Dennis Morrice (Fraserburgh).  The entry from Tom Buchan gained the red card for an excellent exhibit that included Pearl Celebration, Salmon Chessington, Yellow Courtier, Windemere, Lynn Johnson and Gold Courtier. This entry was also awarded the Best Exhibit in Show. Pushing very hard in second place was Dave Scott with vases of Apricot Courtier (2), Gold Courtier, Yellow Courtier (2) and White Rachel Knowles. One of Dave's vases of Yellow Courtier was selected as best vase of Large Blooms in Show.  Dennis was placed third with vases of Lilac Chessington, Clapham Delight,  John Harrison, Rachel Knowles, Deva Glow and Apricot Chessington.

John Mowat, Duns was successful in the class for 3 vases of 5 blooms. John  included Vivian Hockedy, Chessington and Primrose Chessington in his entry.


Medium Disbud Classes
No entries this year in the 6 vase class, but two entries in the class for 3 vases of 5 blooms. Dave Hunter from Dumfries was winner in the class with a good set of John Wingfield, Yellow John Wingfield and Cornetto. Paul Barlow (Aberdeen) was second with Kimberley Marie, Vannessa Lynn and Lorna Wood. . This last vase was selected as best vase of medium blooms in show and second best vase in show to win the SNCDS silver medal.

In the class for 6 vases of 3 blooms there was just one entry.  A fine set from R. Crellin using Yellow John Wingfield, Pink John Wingfield (2), John Wingfield (2) and National Celebration.

The class for 3 vases of 3 blooms was won by R Jackson with vases of Pink John Wingfield, Yellow John Wingfield and John Wingfield.,


Spray Classes
The premiere spray class require 6 vases of 5 stems of Exhibition Sprays. Only one entry this year from  Eric Wilson (Penpont near Dumfries). Eric used Primrose Oriel, Rose Enbee Wedding, Primrose Enbee Wedding, White Enbee Wedding, Peach Enbee Wedding and Southway Seraphim. The vase of Primrose Oriel was judged Best vase of Sprays in Show and subsequently best vase overall to win the SNCDS Gold Medal.

In the class for 3 vases of exhibition sprays Walter Little (Dumfries) was successful with  Primrose Oriel, Yellow Oriel and Peach Enbee Wedding.  


A selection of photographs of winning entries.

st9a.jpg (50566 bytes) stbv.jpg (27410 bytes) st11a.jpg (44848 bytes)
Exhibition Sprays
Best Vase in Show
'Primrose Oriel'
Best Exhibit
6x5 Large Blooms
st3x5b.jpg (28254 bytes) stbva.jpg (28956 bytes) stbvb.jpg (20530 bytes)
Medium Blooms
Best vase Large Blooms
'Yellow Courtier'
Best vase Medium Blooms
'Lorna Wood'


Brechin Flower Show

Unfortunately no report or pictures available from Brechin this year

Fraserburgh Horticultural Society

Only brief information currently available from Fraserburgh at the moment.

The championship class for three vases of large blooms was won by Tom Buchan (Fraserburgh). Tom's entry was judged to be the Best Exhibit in the show and was awarded the NCS Silver medal. Second in the class was Jim Innes (Fraserburgh), the vase of Clapham Delight from this entry was selected as best vase in Show.

In the championship class for medium blooms Dave Macfarlane was placed first, Dave's entry consisted of Carlene Welby, Lorna Wood and Yellow John Wingfield. Dave's vase of Lorna Wood was selected as the best vase of mediums in the show. Dennis Morrice's (Fraserburgh ) entry was placed second in this class.

In the class for six vases of three blooms, Dave Macfarlane was again successful with Dennis Morrice and Werner Ley second and third respectively.  Tom Buchan won the class for three vases of three blooms and Arthur Fisher was successful with three vases of exhibition sprays.

Unfortunately, no pictures from Fraserburgh this year.

Perth Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society

The Town Hall in Perth makes an excellent setting for this show. Once again the exhibitors put on a fine display of chrysanthemums. This show must have been the biggest and most successful show in Scotland this year for chrysanthemums and dahlias.  Details of the winners of chrysanthemum classes follow.

The main class calls for six vases of five blooms in at least 4 different cultivars. Four entries in the class this year. Taking the red ticket and a National Chrysanthemum Society Certificate of Merit, was Paul Barlow (Aberdeen) using all medium cultivars - Lorna Wood (three vases), Cornetto, Carlene Welby, Yellow John Wingfield. In second place was Wallace Murray (Perth) again using all medium cultivars John Wingfield, Pink John Wingfield, Carlene Welby, Cornetto, Yellow John Wingfield and Lorna Wood. In third spot was Jack Kevan (Collin, near Dumfries). Jack used all large intermediate cultivars Oyster Chessington, Bill Wade, Lynn Johnson, Primrose, Salmon and Apricot Chessington. 

In the class for three vases of five blooms large cultivars Alec Black (Glenfarg) provided an excellent entry consisting of  Caroline Barclay (currently under review to be reclassified from large to medium. It certainly looks big enough to remain large based on this showing). Other vases where Primrose Rachel Knowles and Yellow Rachel Knowles.

Class no 7 calls for three vases of 3 blooms. Seven entries in this class this year with Jim Hosie (Perth) using Claire Louise, Pink John Wingfield and Darlington Jubilee to good effect in winning the class. In second place Hughie Howe with vases of Malcolm Perkins, Cornetto and Lorna Wood. Third placed entry from Alistair Cameron consisted of  Yellow John Wingfield, Carlene Welby and Cornetto.

Class 12 calls for three vases of five blooms mediums. A closely contested class with four entries this year. Ian Rankine (Locharbie) exhibited some exceptional blooms of John Wingfield and the pink and yellow sports. This entry won the class and was awarded the Best Exhibit in show and the National Chrysanthemum Society Silver Medal. In addition the vase of Yellow John Wingfield was judged Best Vase in Show to collect the Bronze Medal. Also in the cards in this class were Alistair Cameron in second place with Pink John Wingfield, Carlene Welby and Lorna Wood and in third spot Bill Dailly (Dundee) with vases of Cornetto, Carlene Welby and Muriel Vipas.

In the Exhibition Spray class for six vases Eric Wilson took the red ticket with Southway Seraphim,  Primrose, Peach and Rose Enbee Wedding, Primrose Oriel and Southway Strontium. Second placed entry from Hugh Barnett (Anstruther) contained Peach, Honey, Bronze and Rose Enbee Wedding, Yellow and Primrose Oriel.

In the three vases class Jim Cathcart (Anstruther) showed Peach , Ruby and Honey Enbee Wedding to take the red card ahead of K Findlay (Forfar)

A selection of pictures of winning entries from the Perth show.

pe42a.jpg (38271 bytes) pe10a.jpg (42803 bytes) pe25.jpg (61061 bytes)
Six Vases of Five Blooms Best Exhibit
Three vases of five mediums
Six Vases of
Exhibition Sprays
pe11a.jpg (42538 bytes) pe40a.jpg (52240 bytes) pe21a.jpg (35259 bytes)
Yellow John Wingfield
Best Vase in Show
View of the hall. Mixed vase of Oriels

Aberdeen Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society

This is the second year for the Society's show at it's new venue in  The Scout Halls, South Avenue, Cults. Again, the halls proved to be well suited to our needs and with the switch to a Saturday show, and a little more publicity we managed to encourage a few more people through the doors this year. Once again, most of our local chrysanthemum growers were able to support the show with blooms of high quality and in good numbers to ensure there were not too many empty spaces on the show bench. 

The Aberdeen Championship for Large blooms requires three vases of five blooms in three cultivars. Four entries this year.  Taking the red card was Tom Buchan with Chessington, Lynn Johnson and  Apricot Chessington. This entry was judged best overall chrysanthemum exhibit, and the vase of Lynn Johnson was judged best vase in show. In second spot was Werner Ley, Werner has switched to large cultivars this year, his entry consisted of Primrose, Oyster and Cherry Chessington.  In third place Jim Innes with vases of Clapham Delight and two new releases Kathryn Hockedy and Tim Sandall. Ally Donald was placed fourth and included in his entry another new variety 'John Middleton'.

The Aberdeen Champion of Mediums class requires three vases of five blooms in 3 cultivars. Just two entries in the class this year.  First was Paul Barlow (Aberdeen) with Yellow John Wingfield, Woolley Pride and John Wingfield.   In second place  Dave Macfarlane, (Fraserburgh),  with vases of Carlene Welby, Woolley Pride and Muriel Vipas.

The Press and Journal Trophy class requires six vases of three blooms in at least four cultivars. Four entries this year with Werner Ley taking the red card  with Lilac Chessington (2), Oyster Chessington (2), Apricot Chessington, Salmon Chessington.    Dave Macfarlane was placed second using Lynn Johnson, Carlene Welby (2), Woolley Globe (2) and John Harrison. Paul Barlow was third with his entry consisting of Pink John Wingfield, Yellow John Wingfield, Woolley Globe, John Wingfield (2) and Woolley Pride.

The Class for two vases of five blooms, one vase a large variety and one vase a medium variety, was well contested this year with four entries. In first place was  Paul Barlow using Oyster Chessington and Pink John Wingfield. In second place Dennis Morrice using Emily Peace and Woolley Globe.

In the spray classes Arthur Fisher (Sandhaven) won the class for three vases of Exhibition Sprays, Arthur used Primrose and Peach  Enbee Wedding along with a vase of Southway Strontium.

The multivase class for natural sprays was again well supported. In first place Donald Buchan (Aberdeen) with Ruby, Rose and Cherry Enbee Wedding, followed by Doug Stewart (Aberdeen) Enbee Wedding, Honey Enbee Wedding and Enbee Frill.

In the local Growers class for three vases of three blooms Donald Buchan was successful with Carlene Welby, Yellow John Wingfield and Pink John Wingfield. Frank Boyne was placed second with vases of John Harrison, Lilac Chessington and Sheena Large.

The Open class for three vases of three blooms was won by Paul Barlow with two vases of Primrose Chesington and a vase of John Harrison. Alistair Patullo (Forfar) was placed second in this class,  Alistair's vases of Yellow Courtier was judged to be best vase of three blooms in the show and was awarded the NCS Bronze Medal.

In the special class for three blooms of the cultivar Millennium, Donald Buchan's entry was was placed first, Jim Craigen's entry was placed second.

A selection of photographs from the show:

ab3a.jpg (42099 bytes) ab25a.jpg (40890 bytes) ab1a.jpg (43128 bytes)
Aberdeen Championship for
Large Blooms
Best vase in show
'Lynn Johnson'
Aberdeen Championship for Medium Blooms
ab12a.jpg (44662 bytes) ab24a.jpg (20054 bytes) ab26a.jpg (35658 bytes)
Six Vases of
large and/or Medium blooms
Special class for the cultivar
Three Vases of
Exhibition Sprays
ab33a.jpg (52978 bytes) ab17a.jpg (48751 bytes) ab27a.jpg (42302 bytes)
Three Vases of
three blooms
Two Vases of five blooms
one vase large one vase medium
Three Vases of
Natural Sprays

Peterhead and District show

A little earlier in the show calendar than in previous years this show benefited from the change of date this year. In the class for three vases of five blooms Large, Jim Innes was succesful with  Werner Ley in second place.

In the three vase class for mediums Dave Macfarlane (Fraserburgh) continued his Fraserburgh successes by winning this class.  George Grant (Stuartfield) was second with Ian Gerrie (Stuartfield) third.

In the six vase class  Dave Macfarlane was again successful with Ian Gerrie second.

In the sprays Arthur Fisher took the red card.

The NCS Silver Medal for Best vase was awarded to Dave Macfarlane for Lorna Wood taken from his 3x5 mediums entry, which was also selected as overall best exhibit in show.

Unfortunately no further details or pictures currently available.

Fife & Kinross Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society

This is the third year for the Fife Garden Festival at the Rothes Halls, Kingdom Centre, Glenrothes, Fife. As mentioned in previous reports this is a marvellous venture bringing together many local societies within one grand show. Societies include: The Fife & Kinross Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society, Dunfermline Horticultural Society, East of Scotland Begonia Society, Fife and Dunfermline Fuschia Society, The National Vegetable Society, The Scottish Amateur Winemakers Society and many, many others.

Moving on to the Chrysanthemum results:

The Fife and Kinross Chrysanthemum Championship calls for three vases of five blooms in distinct cultivars, the winner of this class is awarded the J. Miller Trophy.  Four entries in the class this year. Ian Rankine continued his Perth success by taking first place in this prestigious class. Ian used Yellow John Wingfield, John Wingfield and Wembley. The Yellow John Wingfield was also judged Best Vase of Chrysanthemums in Show.   In second place was last years winner Tom Buchan from Fraserburgh, Tom's entry consisted of Lynn Johnson, Oyster Chessington and Salmon Chessington.  Other entries in this class came from Jack Kevan (Lynn Johnson, Chessington and Oyster Chessington) and Willie. Martin (Primrose Chessington, Lynn Johnson, White Rachel Knowles).

Class 2 in the schedule is for six vases of five large blooms. Tom Buchan  taking the honours and the Barclay Shield  with a fine exhibit that was also awarded the Best Chrysanthemum Exhibit in Show and received the NCS Silver Medal. Cultivars in this entry were Pearl Celebration, Gold, Yellow and Apricot Courtier, Primrose and Apricot Chessington. David Tait (Dundee) was second with vases of Rachel Knowles(2), Dorridge Crystal, Chessington, Clapham Delight and John Harrison.

The winner of the three vase class was M. Laing (Kirkcaldy) with an entry consisting of Primrose and White Rachel Knowles and Primrose Chessington.  Jack Kevan was placed second with Apricot, Oyster and Salmon Chessington. Alex Black (Glenfarg) was third with Caroline Barclay, Malcolm Perkins and Lynn Johnson.

In the class for six vases of five medium blooms Paul Barlow won the Centennial Shield for his entry of Pink John Wingfield, Carlene Welby, Peach John Wingfield, Yellow John Wingfield and two vases of Cornetto.  In runner up spot in this class David Tait (Dundee) with an entry consisting of  Cornetto (3), Pink John Wingfield, Carlene Welby and Muriel Vipas.

The class for three vases of five blooms, medium, was won by Paul Barlow  with a Wingfield set consisting of John Wingfield, Yellow John Wingfield, Pink John Wingfield. Jim Hosie (Perth) was second with Darlington Jubilee, Pink and Yellow John Wingfields. Third place went to Hugh Barnet with another Winfield set (Pink, Yellow and the parent).

In the class for three vases of three mediums Jim Hosie was successful with Claire Louise, John Wingfield, and Muriel Vipas. Second  was Wallace Murray (Pink, Yellow and John Wingfield). In third spot David Tait (Cornetto, Primrose Muriel Vipas and Clapham Snowflake).

In the major class for six vases of five stems of Exhibition Sprays Eric Wilson was placed first ahead of last year's winner Hugh Barnett (Anstruther). Eric used Southway Seraphim (2), Southway Strontium, Enbee Wedding, Primrose Oriel and Southway Snoopy.   Hugh's entry contained vases of Primrose Enbee  Peach Enbee, Honey Enbee Wedding (2), Yellow Oriel and Primrose Oriel.

In the three vase class for sprays Hugh Barnett won with vases of Peach, Honey and Enbee Wedding.  J Pitcaithly (Grangemouth) came second in this class with his entry consisting of White, Primrose and Peach Enbee Wedding

Another well supported show - especially as this was at the end of the week of petrol shortages!

A selection of pictures from the show:

fgf22a.jpg (49441 bytes) fgf30a.jpg (44852 bytes) fgf35a.jpg (48949 bytes)
Winning   entry in the class for
Six vases of five medium blooms
Winning   entry in the
Fife and Kinross Championship
Three vases of five blooms
Winning  entry in the class for
Six vases of five large blooms
fgf31a.jpg (41211 bytes) fgf19a.jpg (46147 bytes) fgf41a.jpg (32449 bytes)
Best vase in Show
Yellow John Wingfield
Winning   entry in the class for
Three vases of five medium blooms
Winning entry in the class for
Six vases of exhibition Sprays

Grangemouth Horticultural Society

No details or pictures currently available for the Grangemouth Show.

Conclusions -  2000 Early Shows

Producing good blooms in a difficult season says a lot for the dedication and skill of  chrysanthemum growers in Scotland.

Exhibits in all classifications maintained the high standards of previous years. The sprays deserve a particular mention with excellent multivase exhibits seen at all shows. The Enbee Wedding family continues to dominate the spray entries, this is no real surprise - they continue to be the best spray cultivars we have right now.

In the large varieties the Chessington family (despite some early season problems) and Lynn Johnson,  were again among the most popular exhibition cultivars, closely followed by the Courtier sports and Emily Peace. One or two new cultivars on show this year that may become a regular feature in future exhibits ie Tim Sandall, Kathryn Hockedy and John Middleton.

In the mediums the John Wingfield family proved once again that they are the best medium reflexed available today. The new Peach sport was noticeable by its' relative absence however.

Woolley Globe and Carlene Welby were again popular among the medium intermediates along with a few vases of Cornetto.  In the incurved section Lorna Wood continues to be the most consistent cultivar grown in Scotland.

For me, the highlight of the early show season has to be the two exhibits put up by Ian Rankine at Perth and then Fife and Kinross. The vases of John Wingfields were exceptional.  Last years success story, Clapham Delight, made a number of appearances on the show bench and looks like becoming a fixture with some of our exhibitors of large blooms.

If you would like further information or wish to comment on this publication please send your e-mail to:

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Last updated on 26 December, 2001