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2001 Paul Barlow

Early Show results 2001 - Brechin Flower Show

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The Mechanics Hall in Brechin Town Centre is the venue for this show. The first class calls for six vases of three large blooms in at least four cultivars. Two good entries in the class this year from local growers Ally Donald and Alastair Patullo. Alastair coming out on top on this occassion using vases of Pearl Celebration, Dorridge Crystal (2), Primrose Dorridge Crystal, Clapham Delight and White Pearl Celebration. Ally's second placed entry consisted of Salmon Chessington, Primrose Chessington(2) , White Sally Duchess, Tim Sandalls(2).

The next class requires three vases of five blooms in three different cultivars. Again, two entries in this class. Paul Barlow was the winner using all medium  cultivars -  Woolley Globe, Carlene Welby and Cornetto. This entry was jubged Best Exhibit and awarded the NCS Silver Medal.  Ally Donald was second with an entry of all large cultivars - Clapham Delight, John Middleton and John Harrison. Ally's vase of Clapham Delight was selected as Best Vase in Show.

There are several classes in the schedule for three vases of three blooms. The first of these is an open class for large blooms in three cultivars. Ally Donald picking up the red card for his entry of  John Middleton, John Harrison and Clapham Delight.

The next class is for growers residing within the burgh of Brechin.  Three entries this year with Ally Donald placed first ( William Florentine, Yellow Chessington, White Sally Duchess), Alastair Patullo was second (Dorridge Crystal, Jack Kendrick, Clapham Delight), and Bryan Calder third (Dorridge Crystal, Primrose Crystal and White Pearl Celebration.

In the three vases of mediums, Dorothy Spencer (Dundee) used Lorna Wood, Pink John Wingfield, John Wingfield  to take the red card.

A good bench of sprays this year with Ken Findlay winning the 6 vase class with Oriel (2) Primrose Oriel(2) Rose Enbee Wedding and Bronze EW. Ally Donald was placed second with his entry of  Enbee Wedding, Rose Enbee Wedding, Ruby Enbee Wedding, Apricot EW (3). 

The class for three vases of five stems, exhibition sprays was won by Ally Donald (who else?) with vases of  Apricot Enbee Wedding, Enbee Wedding and Ruby Enbee Wedding.

Finally in the sprays, the class for three vases, five stems per vase of natural sprays was won by Doug Stewart with Primrose and Brozne Enbee Wedding and Pennine Sting, Donald Buchan was second (Amber EW, Pennine Ginger, Southway Snoopy), Tom Drever was third (Rose, Bronze and Ruby Enbee Wedding).

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6x5 sprays Best Exhibit 6x3 Large
br01-bv.jpg (10169 bytes)
Best vase in Show

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Last updated on 27 December, 2001