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2001 Paul Barlow

Early Show results 2001 - Fraserburgh Society

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The championship class for three vases of large blooms was won by Tom Buchan (Fraserburgh) with Yellow Courtier, Chessington and Salmon Chessington.  Second in the class was Jim Innes (Fraserburgh), using Clapham Delight, Emily Peace and Primrose Rachel Knowles. The vase of Clapham Delight from this entry was selected as best vase in Show. In third place, Werner Ley with Lilac, Primrose and Cherry Chessington.

In the championship class for medium blooms Paul Barlow was placed first, Paul's entry consisted of Carlene Welby, Cornetto and John Wingfield. This entry was judged to be the Best Exhibit in the show and was awarded the NCS Silver medal. The vase of Cornetto from this entry was selected as Best vase of medium blooms in the show. Dave Macfarlane was placed second (Carlene Welby, John Wingfield and darlington Jubilee), and Jim Craigen third (Kimberley Marie, Millennium and Carlene Welby).

In the class for six vases of three blooms, Tom Buchan was again successful with vases of Golden and Apricot Courtier, Pearl and White Pearl Celebration, Cherry and Apricot Chessington. Werner Ley was second with his entry of Primrose Chessington (2), Oyster Chessington (2), Salmon and Lilac Chessington.

Iain Gerrie won the the class for three vases of three blooms with Carlene Welby, John Wingfield and Yellow John Wingfield, Dennis Morrice and Dave Macfarlane were second and third respectively.

In the exhibition sprays class Arthur Fisher was successful with White and Honey Enbee Wedding and the parent  Enbee Wedding.

Unfortunately, only a few pictures from Fraserburgh this year. Click on the thumbnail image to reveal a larger version of the picture

fb01-be.jpg (29486 bytes) fb01-bv.jpg (19963 bytes) fb01-sprays.jpg (31561 bytes)
Best Exhibit
3x5 Mediums
Best Vase
'Clapham Delight'
3x5 Exhibition Sprays

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Last updated on 27 December, 2001