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2001 Paul Barlow

Early Show results 2001 - Most Popular cultivars

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This page provides an indication of which cultivars appeared most frequently in prize winning exhibits at the shows reported on the 2001 Show Results pages. This year the information is presented in the form of a league table with the top 20 most popular disbuds and top 10 sprays followed by other disbuds and sprays shown less frequently this year.

In the disbuds the mediums proved to be most widely exhibited with the top six positions occupied by medium cultivars. The John Wingfield family once again figuring prominently in the top four positions. The Enbee Wedding family again showing strongly in the league table for sprays.


Top 20 Disbud Cultivars

Top 10 Spray Cultivars


Pink John Wingfield Ruby Enbee Wedding


John Wingfield

Enbee Wedding


Yellow John Wingfield

Primrose Enbee Wedding


Peach John Wingfield

Rose Enbee Wedding



Peach Enbee Wedding


Woolley Globe



Primrose Chessington

Bronze Enbee Wedding


Clapham Delight

Honey Enbee Wedding


Carlene Welby

White Enbee Wedding


Lynn Johnson

Apricot Enbee Wedding


Oyster Chessington

Other cultivars shown but not in top 10


Dorridge Crystal

Bronze Enbee Wedding


Lorna Wood

Southway Strontium


White Pearl Celebration

Cherry Enbee Wedding


Primrose Rachel Knowles

Enbee Frill


Pearl Celebration

Southway Snoopy


Lilac Chessington

Janet Elizabeth


Yellow Courtier Broadway Mandy


Apricot Courtier

=20 Apricot Chessington Amber Enbee Wedding
=20 Cherry Chessington Pennine Swing
=20 Emily Peace Pennine Cupid
=20 Jack Kendrick Pennine Sting
=20 Kimberley Marie Southway Seraphim
Other disbud cultivars shown but failing to reach the top twenty in terms of popularity with exhibitors
Amber Matlock Millennium
Muriel Vipas Darlington Jubilee
Chessington Rachel Knowles
Daisy May Max Riley
Gold Courtier Pink Dorridge Crystal
Woolley Pride Wembley
Claire Louise Deva Glow
Malcolm Perkins Yellow Rachel Knowles
White Rachel Knowles Emily Peace
Billy Bell Tim Sandalls
Hayley Griffin Windemere
Primrose Dorridge Crystal Collosus
White Sally Duchess John Harrison
Thoroughbred Clapham Snowflake
Primrose Muriel Vipas Yellow Gingernut
Yellow Chessington Pink World of Sport
Ed Hodgson Bill Wade
John Middleton Formcast

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Last updated on 27 December, 2001