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2001 Paul Barlow

Early Show results 2001

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These pages contains results and pictures from a number of Early Shows in Scotland. They are based on the shows where I  exhibited or visited in 2001, supplemented by information received from other exhibitors and enthusiasts. It is focussed largely on the North and East of Scotland. In the list of shows below the society name is a link to the individual page for that show.  Each of the photos is shown in thumbnail form, just click on the small image to see a larger version of the picture.

2001 was a generally good growing season for chrysanthemum growers in North East Scotland with no extremes of rain or sun to complain about. Many growers predicted early blooms from about May onwards, they were not far wrong.  Good blooms were in evidence from the earliest show (Aberdeen Allotment Holders) right through to the end of the season at Aberdeen C&D Society.

There is also league table showing the most popular cultivars exhibited at the shows reported here. This link will take you to this page: Most Popular Cultivars 2001 . Finally, there is a short review of the season at the end of this page.

Early Shows

Date Society
August 18 Aberdeen Allotment holders annual show, Sheddocksley, Aberdeen
August 25/26 Royal Horticultural Society, Duthie Park, Aberdeen
August 31/ September 1/2 Dundee Flower Show, Camperdown Park, Dundee
September 1st Banchory Flower Show
September 4/5 Scottish National Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society, Stirling
September 7 Brechin Flower Show
September 8 Fraserburgh Horticultural Society
September 8 Perth Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society
September 8 NCS Early National, Stafford
September 15/16 Fife & Kinross Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society, Glenrothes
September 15 Peterhead
September 22 Aberdeen Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society, Scout Hall, Cults
September 22 Grangemouth Horticultural Society

Conclusions -  2001 Early Shows

Another excellent season for Chrysanthemum growers in Scotland with exhibits in all classifications maintaining  the high standards of previous years. The sprays deserve a particular mention with excellent multivase exhibits seen at all shows. As in previous years the Enbee Wedding family continues to dominate the spray entries, this is no real surprise - they continue to be the best spray cultivars we have right now.

In the large varieties the Chessington family and Lynn Johnson, were again among the most popular exhibition cultivars, closely followed by the Courtier sports and Emily Peace. One or two new cultivars on show this year that may become a regular feature in future exhibits ie Jack Kendrick, Daisy May and Billy Bell.

In the mediums the John Wingfield family proved once again that they are the best medium reflexed available today. A few vases of the seldom seen Woolley Pride also caused some interest among exhibitors. There was a noticeable lack of any new cultivars in the medium exhibits this year.

Woolley Globe and Carlene Welby were again popular among the medium intermediates along with Cornetto, Millennium and Kimberley Marie.  In the incurved section Lorna Wood continues to be the most consistent cultivar grown in Scotland (although most Lorna Wood were shown in the early part of the season this year).

For me, the highlight of the early show season has to be the continuing success story of the large incurve cultivar Clapham Delight, with numerous Best Vase awards this has become a firm favourate with many growers in Scotland. Show of the season has to be the Fife Garden Festival which seems to go from strength to strength.

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Last updated on 27 December, 2001