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2001 Paul Barlow

Early National Show results 2001

Plotters RHS-A Dundee Banchory Scot Nat Brechin Fraserburgh Perth National Fife Peterhead Aberdeen G/mouth

Pictures kindly provided by Peter Fraser and Phil Bartlett.

Best Vases - Disbudded sections
nat-bv23.jpg (4522 bytes) nat-bv25b2.jpg (4856 bytes) nat-bv24b.jpg (5278 bytes) nat-bv24a.jpg (4295 bytes)
Incurved Medium Intermediate Medium Reflexed Large Reflexed
Best Vases - Spray Sections
nat-bvss.jpg (4623 bytes) nat-bv25a.jpg (4157 bytes) nat-bvas.jpg (5044 bytes) nat-bvds.jpg (4127 bytes)
Single Spray Large Intermediate Anemone Spray Double Spray

Major class winners
nat-95a.jpg (11703 bytes)
9x5 large
nat-95ab.jpg (12430 bytes)
9x5 large and Medium
nat-9x5b.jpg (12804 bytes)
9x5 mediums
Brian Powell and Millennium
A happy chap - Brian Powell with
Best Vase of Medium Intermediates ' Millennium'

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Last updated on 27 December, 2001