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2001 Paul Barlow

Early Show results 2001 - Scottish National C&D Society

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The Scottish National Chrysanthemum and Dahlia show is held at the Albert Hall in Stirling. This mid-week show relies on the travelling chrysanthemum fraternity for the success or failure of the chrysanthemum sections. This year the chrysanthemum classes were substantially reduced as the organisers attempt to restructure the show. A consequence of this was that many classes were opened up for both large and medium blooms. The chrysanthemum results were as follows:

In the class for 6 vases of 5 large blooms, The 'Mason' trophy, there were two entries this year: Tom Buchan (Fraserburgh), and Iain Rankine (Locharbie).  Tom's entry gained the red card for an excellent exhibit that included Pearl Celebration, White Pearl Celebration, Cherry Chessington, Yellow Courtier, Apricot Courtier and Emily Peace.  Pushing very hard in second place Ian's entry consisted of Formcast, Dorridge Crystal, Primrose Dorridge Crystal, Pearl Celebration (2), Colossus.   Tom's vase of Yellow Courtier was selected as 2nd best Vase in Show. 

In the class for 6 vases of three blooms, large and/or medium Malcolm Laing was placed first using Rachel Knowles and the Primrose and White sports plus John Wingfield with it's pink and yellow sports. Dennis Morrice was second with Woolley Globe, Lilac Chessington, Darlington Jubuilee, Clapham Delight (2) and Apricot Chesington. JR Thirwell was third with vases of Dorridge Crystal, Oyster Chessington, Lynn Johnson, Clapham Delight (2), Pink John Wingfield.

The class for 3 vases of five blooms, large and or medium cultivars was extremely well contested with seven entries, making this a difficult job for the judges. Dennis Morrice's entry of Carlene Welby, White Rachel Knowles and Clapham Delight was placed first with the Clapham Delight picking up the Best vase in Show award. In second place was Paul Barlow with Woolley Pride, John Wingfield and Pink John Wingfield. The vase of Woolley Pride was selected as best vase of Mediums in the show. In the place was Dave Hunter with John Wingfield and Pink and Yellow sports.

The class for 6 vases of 5 medium blooms had only one entry this year from Paul Barlow, this entry consisted of Kimberley Marie, Carlene Welby (2), Cornetto, Woolley Globe and Lorna Wood. Although the only entry in the class the judges selected this exhibit as Best Chrysanthemum Exhibit in Show.

The premiere spray class require 6 vases of 5 stems of Exhibition Sprays. Only one entry this year from  Eric Wilson (Penpont near Dumfries). Eric used Southway Snoopy, Primrose Oriel, Primrose Enbee Wedding, White Enbee Wedding, Enbee Wedding and Janet Elizabeth. The vase of Primrose Enbee Wedding was judged Best vase of Sprays in Show.

In the class for 3 vases of exhibition sprays Walter Little (Dumfries) was successful with Lucy, Rose Enbee Wedding and Peach Enbee Wedding.  

A selection of photographs of winning entries. Click on the thumbnail image to reveal a larger version of the picture:

st01-6x5spray.jpg (34181 bytes) st01-6x5b.jpg (24537 bytes) st01-bench.jpg (30068 bytes)
Exhibition Sprays
Best Exhibit
6x5 Medium Blooms
st01-6x5a1.jpg (27066 bytes) st01-3x5a.jpg (24302 bytes) st01-bvb.jpg (25538 bytes)
Large Blooms
3 vases of 5 blooms Best vase Medium Blooms
'Woolley Pride'
st01-bv.jpg (22144 bytes)
Best Vase in Show
'Clapham Delight'

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Last updated on 27 December, 2001