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2001 Paul Barlow

Show Results 1998

This page contains results and pictures from a number of Early Shows in Scotland. It is based on the shows where I judged or exhibited during 1998 and is supplemented by show reports received from other exhibitors. It is to a large extent centred on the North and East of Scotland. In the lists of shows below the society name is also a bookmark to enable you to quickly locate show details. Each of the photos is shown in thumbnail form, just click on the small image to see the full size picture. There is a separate page for the results from the Late Shows.

1998 was quite a difficult year for chrysanthemum growers in North East Scotland. From June onwards we experienced very poor levels of sunshine and unusually high rainfall. The consequence of this is that many of growers found their chrysanthemums running anything up to three weeks later than normal. This affected the late August shows particularly where chrysanthemums were few and far between. The show at Dundee saw a change of fortune with a good display of disbudded and spray chrysanths.


Early Shows

Date Society
August 29/30 Royal Horticultural Society, Duthie Park, Aberdeen
September 4/5/6 Dundee Flower Show, Camperdown Park, Dundee
September 8/9/10 Scottish National Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society, Stirling
September 11 Brechin Flower Show
September 12 Fraserburgh Horticultural Society
September 12 Perth Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society
September 19 Aberdeen Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society, Stonehaven
September 26 Peterhead
September 26 Fife & Kinross Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society, Glenrothes

Late Shows

Date Society
November 7 Perth Late Show, Bridge of Earn
November 21 Cupar

Royal Horticultural Society, Aberdeen

The RHS show is one the highlights of the Aberdeen calendar. A number of marquees are erected in the city's Duthie Park, these house the many horticultural exhibits during the two days of the show. The main class for three vases of large disbudded blooms was won by Dennis Morrice, Fraserburgh. Dennis exhibited Primrose Rachel Knowles, Salmon Chessington and Primrose Chessington. In the Spray classes Terry Stott, Aberdeen, exhibited three vases of the Enbee Wedding spray family - Flame, Ruby and Enbee itself, to win the class (not the best photograph I've taken as you'll see below!)  Donald Buchan, Aberdeen, was second but had the consolation of being awarded the National Chrysanthemum Society Silver Medal for his vase of Enbee Frill.

The following pictures are available:

98rhs1.jpg (63264 bytes) 98rhs4.jpg (65828 bytes) 98rhs2.jpg (106200 bytes)
Three vases Large Best Vase in Show
' Enbee Frill'
Three Vases Sprays


Dundee Flower Show

This show is held in the Camperdown Country park on the outskirts of Dundee. A three day show, this is a major attraction for many gardening enthusiasts throughout Scotland.

The premiere class for disbudded chrysanths requires three vases of five blooms in three distinct cultivars. This class was won by Ian Gray, Forfar. Ian used Primrose Chessington, Dorridge Crystal and Pearl Celebration. Ian's Dorridge Crystal was judged Best Vase in Show and awarded the National Chrysanthemum Society Silver Medal. Dennis Morrice and Tom Buchan, Fraserburgh, were placed second and third respectively.

There were two entries in the class for 6 vases of three large blooms. Alistair Patullo, Forfar, took the red ticket, with Ian Gray, also Forfar, in second place. Alistair included Deva Glow, Primrose Rachel Knowles, Dorridge Crystal, two vases of Pearl Celebration and Colossus in his exhibit.

Three entries in the 3 vases of 3 large blooms, with Tom Buchan, Fraserburgh, judged to have the winning exhibit. Tom used Apricot Courtier, Primrose Rachel Knowles and Salmon Chessington.

In the three vases of five mediums Dennis Morrice exhibited Carlene Welby, Lorna Wood and John Harrison to win the class ahead of Paul Barlow.

In the three vases of three medium blooms, Dorothy Spencer, Dundee, used Matlock along with it's Amber and Bronze sports to win a well contested class. Wallace Murray and Neil Scott were second and third respectively.

At Dundee there is a special award for the best vase of blooms outside the multi-vase classes. This year Alec Black, Bridge of Earn, won the award with a fine vase of Pearl Celebration.

In the main class for exhibition sprays, Eric Wilson, Penpont near Dumfries, repeated his success of 1997 by winning the class for six vases of five stems. Mel Ednie, Anstruther, was second with another fine entry. Eric's varieties included Candlewick Limelight, Peach, White and Ruby Enbee Wedding, Yellow and Primrose Pennine Oriel. Eric was awarded the National Society Certificate of Merit for this fine exhibit.

In the class for three vases of five stems of exhibition sprays, Walter Little, Dumfries was victorious. Walter's vase of Primrose Enbee Wedding certainly caught my eye.

The following pictures of winning exhibits are available

98dd1.jpg (113627 bytes) 98dd18.jpg (60980 bytes) 98dd4.jpg (52308 bytes)
3 vases, 5 blooms Best Vase in Show
"Dorridge Crystal"
3 vases 5 blooms, Mediums
98dd17.jpg (54073 bytes) 98dd13.jpg (52746 bytes) 98dd15.jpg (31596 bytes)
Best vase outside multivase classes 6 vases, 5 stems, exhibition sprays 3 vases, 5 stems, exhibition sprays

Scottish National Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society

The Scottish National Chrysanthemum and Dahlia show is held at the Albert Hall in Stirling. This is a mid-week show that relies on the travelling chrysanthemum fraternity for the success or failure of the chrysanthemum sections. The organisers were not let down! The number and quality of chrysanthemum exhibits was excellent - in sharp contrast to the number of dahlia exhibits which are normally a "banker" as far as the Show manager is concerned. Dahlias were poorly represented compared with previous years. The chrysanthemum results were as follows:


Large Disbud Classes
In the class for 6 vases of 5 blooms, The 'Mason' trophy, there were three entries this year: Ron Bradford and John Milligan (both from Dumfries) and Dennis Morrice (Fraserburgh).  Ron took the red card with an excellent exhibit that included two very weighty vases of Dorridge Crystal. One of these vases was judged to be Best Vase of Large Blooms in the show. John and Dennis were second and third respectively.

Jack Kevan (Dumfries) won the class for 3 vases of 5 blooms. Jack included Emily Peace, Primrose Rachel Knowles and Dorridge Crystal in his entry.

The class for 3 vases of 3 blooms was also won by Jack Kevan using Rutland, White Rachel Knowles and Rachel Knowles.


Medium Disbud Classes
No entries in the 6 vase class this year as many medium growers report blooms running later than normal. In the class for 3 vases of 5 blooms Paul Barlow (Aberdeen) used John Harrison, Pink John Wingfield and Lorna Wood to win the class. The vase of Pink John Wingfield was judged to be Best Vase of Medium Blooms  and subsequently Best Vase in Show to win the Gold Medal. (see picture below)

The class for 3 vases of 3 blooms was keenly contested with three excellent entries. The winner was R. Crellin using Yellow, Pink and John Wingfield itself. Second was Colin Campbell (Chryston) and third Dennis Morrice (Fraserburgh).

There were numerous entries in the single vases classes, too many to mention individually.


Spray Classes
The premiere spray class require 5 vases of 5 stems of Exhibition Sprays. Two entries this year with Eric Wilson (Penpont near Dumfries) judged to have the winning entry with A. Innes (Grangemouth) in second place. Eric, repeating his earlier success at Dundee, used Pennine Oriel, Primrose Pennine Oriel, Broadway Mandy, Myss Madie, Peach Enbee Wedding and Candlewick Limelight. Eric's vase of Oriel was judged Best Vase of Sprays in Show.

In the class for 3 vases of exhibition sprays Walter Little (Dumfries) used Primrose Enbee Wedding, Pennine Oriel and Primrose Pennine Oriel to win the class.


Miscellaneous Classes
The Stirling schedule has a unique class that requires one vase of 3 large blooms, one vase of 3 medium blooms and one vase of 5 stems of exhibition sprays. This year there were two excellent entries from Ian Whitelaw (Beith) and Colin Campbell (Chryston). Ian's entry of Ed Hodgson, Pink John Wingfield and Pennine Oriel was judged to be the winner in this class.

A selection of photographs of winning entries and Best Vases.

98st16.jpg (39178 bytes)
Best Vase Large
'Dorridge Crystal'
98st1.jpg (52070 bytes) 98st15.jpg (64332 bytes) 98st10.jpg (68690 bytes)
6x5 large blooms Best Vase Sprays
'Pennine Oriel'
6x5 Exhibition Sprays
pinkjw-gold98.jpg (74577 bytes)
Best Vase in Show
'Pink John Wingfield'


Brechin Flower Show

The Mechanics Hall in Brechin Town Centre is the venue for this show. The first class calls for six vases of three large blooms in at least four cultivars. Two entries in the class with Alistair Patullo (Forfar) gaining first place ahead of Ally Donald (Brechin). Alistair's entry consisted of two vases of Dorridge Crystal, two vases of Primrose Dorridge Crystal, Deva Glow and White Pearl Celebration, whereas Ally used Primrose Chessington, Lynn Johnson, Salmon Chessington, Deva Glow, White Sally Duchess and White Pearl Celebration in his entry.

The next class requires three vases of five blooms in three different cultivars. Again, two entries in this class. Paul Barlow was the winner using all medium intermediate cultivars - Yellow Gingernut, John Harrison and Carlene Welby. Paul was also awarded the National Chrysanthemum Society Silver Medal for Best Exhibit in the Show for this entry. Bryan Calder was second, Bryan used all large cultivars - Dorridge Crystal, Deva Glow and White Pearl Celebration.

There are several classes in the schedule for three vases of three blooms. The first of these is an open class for large blooms in three cultivars. In this class there were entries from  Alistair Patullo and Bryan Calder,  Alistair came out in front using Salmon Chessington, White Pearl Celebration and Colossus. Bryan used  Deva Glow, Pearl Celebration and Dorridge Crystal.

The next class is for growers residing within the burgh of Brechin.  Entries from Jock Wilson and Ally Donald. Jock took the red ticket with an entry consisting of Deva Glow, Salmon Chessington and Colossus. Ally  used Apricot Chessington, Deva Glow and Salmon Chessington. 

In the three vases of mediums, Neil Scott (Forfar) won the class using Cornetto, John Harrison and John Wingfield.

Best Vase in Show went to Ian Gray (Forfar) for a single vase of 3 Dorridge Crystal - excellent blooms.

98br1.jpg (67278 bytes) 98br7.jpg (56432 bytes)
Best Exhibit in Show
Three vases of five blooms
Three vases of three blooms
open class
98br3.jpg (99314 bytes) 98brbv.jpg (86412 bytes)
Six vases of three blooms Dorridge Crystal
Best Vase in Show


Fraserburgh Horticultural Society

Show report provided by Maureen Buchan, Fraserburgh.
3 x 5 Large. 1st T. Buchan, Fraserburgh - Pearl Celebration, Windermere, Emily Peace.

3 x 5 Medium. 1st P. Barlow, Cults - Woolley Globe, Pink John Wingfield, Carlene Welby. 2nd A. Fisher, Sandhaven - Muriel Vipas, Carlene Welby, Darlington Jubilee. 3rd D. Mortice, Fraserburgh - John Harrison, Carlene Welby, Lorna Wood.

6 x 3 1st W. Leye, Inverallochy - Darlington Jubilee, Lorna Wood, John Wingfield (2) Carlene Welby (2). 2nd T. Buchan, Fraserburgh - Windermere, Pearl Celebration, Oyster Chessington, Colossus, Primrose Chessington, Salmon Chessington. 3rd D. Mortice, Fraserburgh -Emily Peace, White Sally Duchess, World of Sport, Primrose World of Sport, Deva Glow (2).

3 x 3. 1st G. Grant, Stuartfield - Yellow John Wingfield, John Wingfield, Pink John Wingfield. 2nd D. MacFarlane, Fraserburgh - Golden Courtier, Yellow John Wingfield, J. Harrison. 3rd D. Morrice, Fraserburgh - Rachel Knowles, Carlene Welby, Woolley Globe.

3 x 5 sprays was won by A Fisher, Sandhaven - Enbee Wedding, Peach Enbee Wedding and Honey Enbee Wedding.

The Best Vase Large was Pearl Celebration shown by T. Buchan and Lorna Wood was the Best Vase of Mediums by A. Fisher.

Silver Medal for best exhibit went to Paul Barlow for his 3 x 5 mediums and the bronze medal to T. Buchan for his 3 x 5 large.

98fb1.jpg (91097 bytes)
Best Exhibit
3x5 Mediums

Perth Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society

The Town Hall in Perth makes an excellent setting for this show. This year was the 40th anniversary of the formation of the society and every exhibitor was rewarded with a commemorative mug. The exhibitors responded with the best display of chrysanths and dahlias for many years, certainly the best show of chrysanths and dahlias seen in Scotland this year. Details of the winners of chrysanthemum classes follow.

The main class calls for six vases of five blooms in at least 4 different cultivars. Two entries in the class this year. Taking the red ticket was Paul Barlow (Aberdeen) using all medium cultivars - Woolley Globe, John Harrison, Carlene Welby, Pink John Wingfield, John Wingfield and Yellow John Wingfield. This exhibit was judged to be the Best Exhibit in the show and the vase of John Wingfield was awarded the National Society Silver Medal for Best Vase in Show. In second place was Wallace Murray, a new grower in his first season with chrysanthemums - what an achievement to put up six fives in your first season!  Wallace used John Harrison, Max Riley, Pink John Wingfield, Yellow John Wingfield, Carlene Welby and Yellow Gingernut and also   received the National Society Bronze Medal.

In the class for three vases of five blooms there were two entries from new growers in their first year of growing and exhibiting. Wallace Murray won the class with Lorna Wood, John Harrison and John Wingfield. Chas Hamilton was second using Cornetto, Carlene Welby and John Wingfield.

Class no 7 calls for three vases of 3 blooms. Wallace Murray was first with Primrose Muriel Vipas, John Wingfield and Yellow John Wingfield. Chas Hamilton and Derek Payne were second and third respectively.

Getting new growers into the hobby is no mean feat, and getting two growers producing the quality of blooms that we saw from Wallace and Chas is quite exceptional. A tribute to Bill MacConnachie who runs the Beginners Classes for the Perth Society.

In the Exhibition Spray classes Eric Wilson continued his winning ways with his entry in the six vase class. Eric used Primrose Pennine Oriel, Pennine Oriel, Peach Enbee Wedding, Broadway Mandy, Honey and Primrose Enbee wedding.   In second place was Jim Cathcart (Anstruther), Jim's entry consisted of  Honey, Ruby, Rose, Peach and Enbee Wedding itself along with a vase of Pennine Oriel

The class for three vases of exhibition sprays had four entries. Mel Ednie (Anstruther) - better known for his prize-winning onions - won the class with Ruby and Bronze Enbee Wedding and Broadway Mandy. Bill Martin and K. Findlay were second and third respectively.

A selection of pictures of winning entries from the Perth show.

98pe1.jpg (86559 bytes) 98pe3.jpg (44573 bytes) 98pe9.jpg (110722 bytes)
Best Exhibit
Six Vases of Five Blooms
Three vases of Five Blooms Six Vases of Exhibition Sprays
98pebv.jpg (62437 bytes)
John Wingfield
Best Vase in Show


Aberdeen Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society

The Aberdeen Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society show was again held in the Townhall, Stonehaven. The year we were lucky with the weather (it usually rains!) and had an excellent day. The chrysanthemum growers did not disappoint us either!

The Aberdeen Championship for Large blooms requires three vases of five blooms in three cultivars. this year we had four entries. Coming first was Ally Donald from Brechin with a fine set of very large intermediate blooms. Ally used Lynn Johnson, Primrose Chessington and Salmon Chessington. In second, third and fourth places were Tom Buchan, Alistair Patullo and Paul Barlow.

The Aberdeen Champion of Mediums class requires three vases of five blooms in 3 cultivars. This year the class was very well supported with six excellent entries. First was Paul Barlow with Woolley Globe, Pink John Wingfield and John Wingfield. The vase of John Wingfield was judged to be the Best Vase of Chrysanthemums in the show and was awarded the National Society silver medal. In second, third and fourth places were Ian Gerrie, Arthur Fisher and George Grant.

The Press and Journal Trophy class requires six vases of three blooms in at least four cultivars. Five entries this year with Ally Donald awarded first place for his entry that consisted of  Lynn Johnson, Sally Duchess, White sally Duchess(2), Primrose Chessington and Salmon Chessington.

The Class for two vases of five blooms, one vase a large variety and one vase a medium variety, was won by Paul Barlow using Rutland and Yellow John Wingfield, the vase of Yellow John Wingfield was awarded the trophy for the best vase outside the Championship classes. Alistair Patullo was second in this class.

In the spray classes Arthur Fisher won the class for three vases of Exhibition Sprays, Arthur used Primrose Enbee Wedding, Pennine Strontium and Peach Enbee Wedding. Ed Mitchell was second.

In the class for three vases of three blooms Tom Buchan was successful with Pearl Celebration, Yellow Courtier and Salmon Chessington.


3x5-large1.jpg (56299 bytes) BV-JW.jpg (49142 bytes) 98ab-b.jpg (38154 bytes)
Aberdeen Championship for
Large Blooms
Best vase in show
John Wingfield
Aberdeen Championship for Medium Blooms
werner.jpg (44407 bytes) winners.jpg (45402 bytes) 3x5-sprays.jpg (54679 bytes)
One exhibitor pleased with his blooms. Werner Ley from Fraserburgh Chrysanth and DahliaTrophy Winners
David Craig (left) and
Paul Barlow
Three Vases of
Exhibition Sprays
paul-cup.jpg (41989 bytes)
Paul with Best Vase in Show

Peterhead and District show

Show report by Maureen Buchan: - 26th September.
3 x 5 Large. 1st Paul Barlow, Cults, Primrose Chessington, Rachel Knowles and Fred Brocklehurst.

3 x 5 Medium. 1st I. Gerrie, Stuartfield - John Harrison, John Wingfield and Yellow John Wingfield. 2nd D. MacFarlane, Fraserburgh - Pink John Wingfield, Carlene Welby and Woolley Globe. 3rd Paul Barlow, Cults - John Wingfield, Woolley Globe and Pink John Wingfield.

3 x 5 Sprays. 1st A. Fisher, Sandhaven - Rose Enbee Wedding, Primrose Enbee Wedding and Southway Strontium.

Best Vase in show was John Wingfield shown by Paul Barlow.

Fife & Kinross Chrysanthemum & Dahlia Society

A new venue and a completely new show this year: The Rothes Halls, Kingdom Centre, Glenrothes, Fife. A marvellous new venture bringing together many local societies within one grand show. Societies include: The Fife & Kinross Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society, Dunfermline Horticultural Society, East of Scotland Begonia Society, Fife and Dunfermline Fuschia Society, The National Vegetable Society, The Scottish Amateur Winemakers Society and many, many others.

Coming back to the Chrysanthemum results:
The Fife and Kinross Chrysanthemum Championship calls for three vases of five blooms in distinct cultivars, the winner of this class is awarded the J. Miller Trophy. Five entries in the class this year. In third place David Tait from Dundee. David used Colossus, Gold Courtier and Pearl Celebration in his entry.  In second place Tom Buchan from Fraserburgh, Tom's entry consisted of Emily Peace, Lynn Johnson and Yellow Courtier. The winner in this class was Paul Barlow with vases of John Wingfield, Yellow John Wingfield and Vanessa Lynn.

Class 2 in the schedule is for six vases of five large blooms. Three entries in the class with Tom Buchan taking the honours and the Barclay Shield  with a fine exhibit that included Emily Peace (2), Lynn Johnson, Yellow Courtier, Oyster and Apricot Chessington. Alex Black and Ally Donald were second and third respectively.

In the class for six vases of five medium blooms Paul Barlow won the Centenial Shield for his entry of Pink John Wingfield (2), Yellow John Wingfield, John Wingfield, Carlene Welby and Woolley Globe. The vase of Yellow John Wingfield was judged to be the Best Vase in Show and the exhibit awarded the Best Exhibit award for Chrysanthemums. It was subsequently awarded the Overall Best Exhibit  in the Fife Garden Festival.

In the major class for six vases of five stems of Exhibition Sprays Jim Cathcart was successful, just pipping brother-in-law Hugh Barnett. Jim used Primrose Enbee Wedding (2), Peach Enbee wedding (2), Honey Enbee Wedding and Ruby Enbee Wedding.

An excellent show. The organisers must be very pleased with the response from exhibitors and the general public. No doubt there will be some ways in which the show can be improved for next year, but nevertheless a very good inaugural show. Perhaps this type of multi-society and local authority venture is the shape of things to come. If future shows can match the start made by the Fife Garden Festival then there shouldn't be too many complaints!


98fgf4.jpg (55013 bytes) 98fgf1.jpg (45248 bytes) 98fgf8.jpg (49072 bytes)
Six vases of five large blooms Fife and Kinross Championship
Three vases of five blooms
Six vases of exhibition Sprays
98fgf10.jpg (44698 bytes)
Best Vase in Show
98fgf7.jpg (54524 bytes)
Best Exhibit in Show
Six vases of five Medium Blooms

Conclusions -  1998 Early Shows

In Aberdeen the summer of 1998 was wetter, colder, and duller that the 30 year average. I could stop with just this statement but there's perhaps more to the 1998 story than just the weather. True, as a summer it was awful and many predicted poor results for Scotland's flower shows. But nature is a funny thing.

Many growers, myself included, could see by end June that plants were running late compared with previous years, as much as three weeks late reported by one grower. Shows at the end of August and earlier suffered most with Chrysanthemum exhibits few and far between. Fortunes began to change with the Dundee Show in early September, although the Scottish National Show (8th September) did not do too well on the dahlia front. From the weekend of the Perth Show onwards most show secretaries will have been happy with the Chrysanthemum exhibits turning up for their show.

Spray growers in the Aberdeen area were badly affected by some atrocious weather conditions around mid September. Sprays grown with the benefit of overhead protection were largely unaffected but those grown without   suffered significant damage from wind and rain resulting in sprays unsuitable for exhibition.

In general, bloom size and colour seemed to benefit from the high rainfall and dull days which should perhaps make us re-think our views on the 1998 summer .

But it's not all doom and gloom!

Some cultivars showed their ability to produce quality blooms whatever the conditions. In the large varieties the Chessington family and Lynn Johnson seemed to be head and shoulders above the rest. In the mediums the John Wingfield family proved once again that they are the best medium reflexed cultivars to be released in the last 25 years.  Woolley Globe, John Harrison and Carlene Welby stood out among the medium intermediates. Lorna Wood continues to be the most consistent early incurved grown in Scotland.

On the show front the new Fife Garden Festival show was an instant success and can only improve.

The success of the new growers at Perth is encouraging and their performances this year will surely give them an added incentive to do well in 1999. Sadly, we need another hundred like them!

When we look back in a few years from now I think we will probably conclude that 1998 wasn't really as bad as we thought. A few more sunny days would have been nice but from a Chrysanthemum Exhibitor's perspective 1998 was just about OK.

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