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2001 Paul Barlow

Seedlings and new releases gallery

The purpose of this page is to display new releases and seedlings that have been produced by predominantly amateur raisers. If you have seedlings that you would like to be displayed on this page please e-mail me with a description of the seedling/new release and a picture.

The first contributions to this page gives an indication of what's in the pipeline from two chrysanthemum raisers based in the North East of England - Harry Lawson and Peter Fraser.

Next contribution is from Phil Gurr, Phil raised the famous "Chessington" and should know a thing or two about promising seedlings!

Ron Jones also contributes one of his latest releases - 'Wally's White'

Further down the page you will find pictures of a number of seedlings that were on display at the Late National Show in November 2000.

Firstly, from Harry

Click on the thumbnail images to reveal a larger version of each picture.

Edith-Edwards Grace-Fraser.jpg (38832 bytes) Darlington-anniversary.jpg (12228 bytes) Iris-23by.jpg (33330 bytes)

Sarah-Louise.jpg (22007 bytes)

Darlington Anniversary Iris 23b Yellow

Sarah Louise 15b White

Sophie-eliz.jpg (15679 bytes) pat-lawson.jpg (23384 bytes) Bethnie-Joy-25b.jpg (28687 bytes) joyce-frieda.jpg (17606 bytes)

Brady.jpg (26228 bytes)

Sophie Elizabeth Darren Pugh
Bethanie Joy 25b Joyce Frieda
23b Y

Geoff Brady

Seedlings still to be named and registered
554-23b.jpg (36744 bytes) 25a-y-seedling.jpg (8802 bytes) 24a-br-noname.jpg (16370 bytes) 574-23b.jpg (37758 bytes)
554 - 23b un-named seedling yellow intermediate
un-named seeding
24a bronze
un-named seedling

574 - 23b
un-named seeding

Secondly, a new seedling from Peter Fraser.
Shown at the Chester October Show this one is named

Pat Illingworth, 25b White

pi2.jpg (23104 bytes)
Pat Illingworth
25b W

This seedling from Phil Gurr was originally raised in 1989 from a `Joe Edwards' x `Red Shirley Model' cross.  This is the same parentage that produced the famous Chessington. This year Phil grew 3 plants in 9" pots and the plants each produced 3 blooms, 8" across.  Although the parentage is the same as Chessington this seedling flowers at about 3ft 6 inches.  The blooms shown in the photo look a bit rough  because they were grown without any protection.

pg989.jpg (25590 bytes)

Seedling 9-89

Ron Jones has been raising quite a few white incurves and intermediates in recent years, Wally's White is another from Ron's breeding programme. This is a Lorna Wood/Cornetto seedling and is named after his late father-in-law.

ww.jpg (10199 bytes)
Wally's White

A selection of seedlings on display
at the Late National 2000
(pictures courtesy of Peter Fraser)
Seedling2000.jpg (21213 bytes) firecracker.jpg (17706 bytes) DCP0056.jpg (22608 bytes) DCP0055.jpg (21925 bytes) alanfoxall.jpg (24762 bytes)
Un-named seedling
G Freestone

J Nevill
Un-named seedling
G Freestone
Un-named seedling
G Freestone
'Alan Foxhall'
J Nevill

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Last updated on 26 June, 2002