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05 October 2002

Brechin Flower Show - 13/14 September

The Mechanics Hall in Brechin Town Centre is the venue for this show. Unfortunately, like most other shows  entries were down compared with previous years. 

The first class calls for six vases of three large blooms in at least four cultivars. Just one entry this year from Alastair Patullo. Alastair's entry consisted of   White Pearl Celebration(2), Dorridge Crystal,  Primrose Rachel Knowles, Deva Glow and Cherry Chessington. 

The next class requires three vases of five blooms in three different cultivars. Again, just one entry in this class from Paul Barlow with Pink John Wingfield, Kimberley Marie and Carlene Welby. This entry was selected Best Exhibit and the Pink John Wingfield Best Vase in Show.   

Next on the schedule the class for three vases of large blooms. Again just a single entry in the class from Alastair Patullo with Clapham Delight, Deva Glow and Cherry Chessington. 

In the three vases of mediums, Paul Barlow, Donald Buchan and Dorothy Spencer came in first, second, third in this class. 

A good bench of sprays this year with Ally Donald making up for his absence in the disbud classes by winning the 6 vase class with  Rose Enbee Wedding, Cherry, Peach, Apricot(2) and Ruby Enbee sports.  

The class for three vases of five stems, exhibition sprays was won by Ally Donald with vases of  Primrose Enbee Wedding, Enbee Wedding and Ruby Enbee Wedding.

Finally in the sprays, the class for three vases, five stems per vase of natural sprays was won by Doug Stewart with Southway Spartacus, Hillsway Billy, and Southway Seraphim.

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br-3x3b.jpg (22510 bytes) br-3x5.jpg (24605 bytes) br-3x5nat.jpg (36723 bytes)
3x3 mediums Best Exhibit 3x5 Natural Sprays
br-6x5spray.jpg (43121 bytes) br-6x3.jpg (36801 bytes) br-bv.jpg (36159 bytes)
6x5 sprays 6x3 Large Best vase in Show

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