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05 October 2002

Dundee C&D Society - 1st-3rd September

The 2001 Dundee Flower Show was held at Camperdown Park from Friday 31st August to Sunday 2nd September. The chrysanthemum classes were again well supported.

The premier class is the Tayside Championship for three vases of 5 blooms, large and/or medium. Always well contested and with 4 entries this year. Tom Buchan's entry of Pearl celebration and White Pearl plus Oyster Chessington was placed first. This entry was also judged to be the Best Chrysanthemum Exhibit in Show and the vase of Pearl Celebration was selected as Best Vase in Show.  Dennis Morrice, Fraserburgh, was second (Clapham Delight, Woolley Globe, Darlington Jubilee). Paul Barlow was placed third with Woolley Globe, Woolley Pride and Millennium.

The class for 6 vases 3 blooms large cultivars was won by Tom Buchan. Tom's entry consisted of Apricot Courtier, Chessington plus Apricot(2), Salmon and Cherry sports.  Alastair Patullo was second with Primrose Dorridge Crystal(2), White Pearl Celebration, Dorridge Crystal and Pearl Celebration. Ally Donald was placed third with Deva Glow, Primrose Chessington(2) and Yellow, Salmon and Lilac Chessington sports.

In the 3x3 Large class only one entry this year, David Tait used Ed Hodgson, Chessington and Apricot Courtier to take the red card.

In the medium Section the class for 3 vases of five blooms was won by Paul Barlow (Kimberley Marie, Woolley Pride and Lorna Wood). Jack Kevan was placed second (Purple Chempak Rose, Peach and Yellow John Wingfield). David Tait was in third spot with Woolley Globe, Pink and John Wingfield. Paul also won the class for six vases of three medium blooms with Cornetto, Millennium, Woolley Pride, Kimberley Marie, Lorna Wood and Carlene Welby, Finally in the medium section the class for 3 vases of 3 blooms was won by Paul Barlow (Woolley Globe, Woolley Pride, Cornetto). Jim Cathcart was second (Purple Chempak Rose, Cornetto and Woolley Globe). Alastair Cameron was third with Cornetto plus Peach and Yellow John Wingfield.

In the Exhibition Spays Eric Wilson (Penpont) was all alone in the 6 vase class, Eric put up another of his top class entries with vases of Enbee Wedding, Primrose, White (2), Rose sports and Primrose Oriel. Ed Mitchell won the three vase spray class with Primrose, Peach and the parent Enbee Wedding.

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