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25 October 2002

2002 Show Season - Introduction

This series of web pages contains results and pictures from a number of Early Shows in Scotland and the UK National show in Stafford. They are based on the shows where I  exhibited or visited in during the season supplemented by information received from other exhibitors and enthusiasts. It is focused largely on the North and East of Scotland. In the list of shows down the left hand side the society name is a link to the individual page for that show.  Each of the photos is shown in thumbnail form, just click on the small image to see a larger version of the picture.

This year the Scottish Group of the National Chrysanthemum Society sponsored an Exhibitors Order of Merit. Each exhibitor collected points for winning entries at specified shows throughout Scotland, the aim being to encourage exhibitors to climb the merit table and improve on the previous year's position. The positions in the 2002 Order of Merit are available from the link on the left hand side.

There is also league table showing the most popular cultivars exhibited at the Scottish shows reported here. Finally, there is a short review of the season at the end of this page.

Conclusions -  2002 Early Shows

2002 was not a good growing season for chrysanthemum growers in many parts of the UK. In Scotland we experienced almost endless rain during June and July, in fact some major cities recorded only one or two dry days in the entire month on June. Many growers had early blooms and complained of blooms going over quickly in the early part of September. With one or two exceptions bloom size (particularly in medium reflexed) seemed smaller than previous years. Entries in all shows were fewer than in past years, however  there were still good blooms in evidence at all shows. 

The sprays deserve a particular mention with excellent multivase exhibits seen at all shows. As in previous years the Enbee Wedding family continues to dominate the spray entries.

In the large section the Chessington family and Lynn Johnson, were again among the most popular exhibition cultivars, closely followed by Pearl Celebration and sport and Courtier sports. 

In the mediums the John Wingfield family proved once again that they are the best medium reflexed available today with the Pink sport the pick of the bunch this year. Woolley Pride was also popular with a number of growers. 

Woolley Globe and Carlene Welby were again popular among the medium intermediates along with Cornetto, Millennium and Kimberley Marie.  In the incurved section Lorna Wood continues to be our most consistent incurved cultivar here in Scotland. 

Very few new cultivars on show this year and a number of growers disappointed with the quality of plants received from suppliers.


Copyright 2002 Paul Barlow.