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Date last updated: 
05 October 2002

2002 Order of Merit table for exhibitors at shows  in Scotland.

A total of 55 exhibitors recorded points in the Order of Merit table for 2002. The top 10 exhibitors are shown below. 

Position Exhibitor Home town Points
1 Paul Barlow  Aberdeen 304
2 Tom Buchan Fraserburgh 194
3 Eric Wilson  Thornhill 159
4 John  Dempster  Thornhill 120
5 Jack Kevan  Dumfries 99
6 Doug Stewart  Aberdeen 93
7 Sandy Innes Grangemouth 88
8 David Tait  Dundee 85
9 Hugh Barnet  Anstruther 77
10 Donald Buchan  Aberdeen 60

How the scheme works.
The Order of Merit table is the brainchild of Alastair Cameron, Secretary of Perth & District Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society. 2002 is the first time the scheme has operated. 

A number of shows were selected for participation in the scheme this year. Following each show, results were forwarded to Alastair Cameron who maintained the Order of Merit positions. An updated table was issued to participating shows on a weekly basis to enable exhibitors to follow their progress.

Shows included in the scheme this year were:

Dundee - Stirling - Brechin - Perth - Dumfries - Hartshill - Fraserburgh - Fife Garden Festival - Aberdeen and Grangemouth. 

Points were allocated to each exhibitor according to the table below. This idea is to try to promote greater (friendly) competition and to get more blooms and sprays on the show benches.

Class 1st 2nd 3rd
6x5  30 20 10
6x3 18 9 6
3x5  15 7 4
3x3 9 5 2
1x5 5 3 1
1x3 3 2 1

A complete list of results and details of the scheme are available from the NCS Scottish Group. Contact is Donald Buchan at e-mail 

Copyright 2002 Paul Barlow.