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Date last updated: 
02 January 2009

2008 Shows Reports (updated 02 January, 2009 )

Paul Barlow - Early National 2008

We all remember 2007 as perhaps the wettest year in living memory - what would 2008 hold in store?  Most growers were generally pleased with conditions until mid/late July when the weather took a downward turn with many parts of the country experiencing even more rainfall than 2007! 

In the Northeast of Scotland we probably escaped the extremes suffered further south and to the west but August in the northeast was the dullest month for almost sixty years.

White rust has again been problematic in some areas but not the the same extent as in 2007. 

These pages contain a selection of pictures from the Shows listed on the left hand side. Most of the photos are shown in thumbnail form, just click on the small image to see a larger version of the picture, then click the 'back' arrow to return to the main page. 
I hope you find something of interest in these pages.
Thanks to the following for sharing their pictures and information:
- Ian Turner (Scottish National, Stirling)
- Tom Buchan (Fraserburgh HS, Dundee Flower Show) 
- Harry Lawson and Terry Stead (Northern Group Show)
- Dave Holden (Northwest Counties and Humberside shows)
- Gordon Dowson (Bishop Aukland, Durham and Northern Group)
- Joe Crowland (South East London & Bexleyheath)
- Fred Waining (Chester, Sheffield and Chesterfield)
- Jack Gilbert (Shows in the West Midlands area)
- Robert Jackson (Fife and Grangemouth)
- Jim McWilliam (Central Ohio CS, Columbus, Ohio and US National)
- John Marshall (High Wycombe Show)

All Late shows contributors are acknowledged on the Late Shows index page. 

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Early National News
Ian Martin won the Bentley for his entry of 6x5 large and medium. A fantastic achievement.
Well done!

Local and Group Shows
If you have pictures from your local or Group show and would like to see them published on a web page just e-mail your details and pictures to me and I'll  publish on your behalf. 

Please Note:
If you have pictures of other chrysanthemum exhibits from any of the shows already displayed or any show not currently listed you can e-mail them to me with relevant supporting information and I will add them to the relevant page.


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