2nd/3rd NOVEMBER 2012

Report and photos kindly supplied by and copyright of Ivor Mace.

Ivor Mace with his 18 Large Exhibition which was also awarded the Bentley Trophy for Best Exhibit.


The Large Exhibition Growers saved the day at the County Showground Staffordshire.
Following the pattern of the early flowering season, the show was well down in numbers of vases due to the late season. Fantasies, Singles, Decoratives, Anemones, Sprays and Medium Exhibition were all well down in numbers.  Incurves were more plentiful, but it was the Large Exhibition that was there in great force.  What a sight they made with almost 200 blooms in all their splendour.

Iím not sure how to say this without sounding boastful. Every bloom I took to the show ended up in a prize winning entry. I achieved my 20th Championship win in the Centenary Trophy Class for 18 blooms, something I have been trying to achieve since 2007, four 2nd places in that time has seen me become the most consistent Jap grower but I must say I have been getting frustrated.  Anyway Iíve done it now, and like Steve Redgrave, if you see me in that class again I give you my permission to shoot me.  Last yearís champion Barry Cundiff from Macclesfield came close in 2nd place and Andy Wickham from Peterborough in 3rd place.  My varieties were 4 Amber Gigantic, 3 Silver Gigantic, 1 Golden Gigantic, 1 Bronze Gigantic. 1 Jimmy Mottram, 4 Peggy Ann, 1 Lancashire Lad, 1 Yellow Duke of Kent, 1 Duke of Kent and 1 Elizabeth Shoesmith. One of my Amber Gigantic was chosen as best bloom in show and also best overall vase in show.  My entry also got the Bentley Trophy for the most meritorious exhibit in show. 

Andy Wickham with his 12 Large exhibition

The Holmes Memorial Trophy for 12 blooms went to Andy Wickham with 3 Yellow Phil Houghton, 2 Cream Jessie Habgood, 1 Jessie Habgood, 2 Primrose Jessie Habgood, 1 Leviathan, 1 Elizabeth Shoesmith, 1 Amber Gigantic and 1 Peggy Ann.

Rob Weekley with his 9 Large exhibition

The Keith Luxford Trophy for 9 blooms went to Rob Weekly from Grantham Lincolnshire with 3 Amber Gigantic, 2 Silver Gigantic, 1 Golden Gigantic, 1 Lancashire Lad, 1 Lancashire Fold and 1 Yellow Phil Houghton.

The J H Goddard trophy for 6 blooms went to myself with 4 Amber Gigantic, Gigantic and Peggy Ann.  The Richardson trophy went to John Williams from Colwyn Bay, with Duke of Kent, Amber Gigantic and 
Golden Gigantic

Large & Medium Exhibition

Carl Hamnet with his Dad's winning entry

In recent years classes have been introduced for both large & medium exhibition shown in the same exhibit. This year there was a new trophy for 6 blooms and Cheshire grower Roy Hamnett won it with 2 Silver Gigantic, 1 Amber Gigantic, 1 Primrose Jessie and 2 Idris.  Carl, his son is better known for his involvement with the dahlia society, but now heís growing Japs and may I say heís made a very sensible choice.  Carl pictured here with his dadís winning blooms.

Medium Exhibition

Dave Arnull's 18 Medium Exhibition blooms (photo courtesy of Dave Arnull)

The T F Pattison trophy for 18 Medium Exhibition blooms and the national champion for Medium Exhibition was retained by Dave Arnull of Crawley Sussex with a good set of blooms which contained Majestic, Ringo, Mt Shasta, Autumnal, Woking Rose, 2 Lundy, 2 Crown Royal, Yellow Majestic, 2 Pat Brophy, Peach Idris, 2 Avonlea, 2 Yellow Lundy and Idris. He also won The Reg Waller Trophy for 3 blooms which included a very good bloom of Lundy and also McDowel and an even better bloom of Crown Royal, this bloom emerged as the best Medium Exhibition bloom in show.


Phil Griffiths' five vases of incurved

The Holmes Memorial Trophy for the 5 vase Incurve championship went yet again to Philip Griffiths of Chesterfield with vases of Darren Pugh, Bryony Wade, Kay Woolman, Primrose John Hughes and Cream Kay Woolman.  Phil stages his blooms and returns home and doesnít return till Saturday. Therefore we never get his photo with his blooms.  We call Phil the invisible man. He lets his blooms do the talking because heís won this trophy more than 10 times now.  Phil also won the Ted Whittock Trophy for 3 vases, he used Bryony Wade, Darren Pugh and Kay Woolman in this class.  

The George & Gladys Hughes trophy went to Keith Whitmarsh from Salisbury, 2 vases of Kay Woolman, 2 vases of Bryony Wade and a vase of Primrose John Hughes. The Shoesmith Trophy went to Worcestershire grower Jack Gilbert with White Fairweather shown as a Decorative (The Fairweather family is being trialled as an intermediate or incurve this season) and Bryony Wade.  The vase of Bryony Wade was chosen as the best vase of incurves in show.

Decorative classes
The George Prickett Trophy for the large decorative championship went to County Durham legend John Peace with vases of William Florentine, Mancetta Symbol, West Bromwich, Primrose West Bromwich and best vase of Large Reflexed with Rileyís Dynasty.

Steve & Stella Joyce with their winning exhibits

Dorset growers Steve and Stella Joyce must be fed up with having to choose which exhibit to have their photo taken with. They won the Derek Bircumshaw Trophy for 5 vases of 5 blooms medium decoratives which carries the medium decorative championship, then in the next class, the Charles Luckin Trophy for 5 vases of 3 blooms they won that to, and they staged both entries next to each other. It was like their own private show.  They used the Patricia Millar family & Harry Tolley in their Bircumshaw entry and Clarksdale, Golden Roy Coupland, Harry Tolley and Coral & Cerise Pat Miller in their Luckin entry.

Late Sprays

Ann & Chris Webber with their late sprays

Chris Webber from Wellington in Somerset retained the spray championship for the sixth successive year. This carries the Frank Rowe Trophy, he also got both Double and Single spray best vases with Rynoon (single) and Roscene Double. Their other 4 vases were Peach Rynoon, Robeam, Ryflash and Cream Ryski. Chris also won the 3 vase Eileen Barclay Trophy.

Large Singles

Ron Benfield with his Large Singles

Southern growers ruled the roost in the single classes.  The large singles championship went to Ron Benfield from Blandford Dorset with vases of Peggy Stevens, Red Woolmans Glory, Golden Woolmans Glory, Donít Start and Zoe Russell. Ron is a versatile grower and also grows some pretty fine vegetables. This year he had plenty of help from his wife. Iíll have to get his advice on that.  I asked my wife if she wanted to help me dress my blooms and she said not likely, Iíve been dressing you for years.

Medium Singles

Barry Jackman
with his Medium Singles

It was a good day for another Southern Grower. Barry Jackman.  Barry won the George Tarry Trophy for medium singles.  Barry from Polegate, 3 miles north of Eastbourne Sussex used The Kath Stevens family along with Rose My Love and Linda Mannion. Barry also had wins in the 3 vases of Large Singles, the Len Shoesmith Trophy for any 3 vases, and to round it off he won the charm class as well.


Bill Croft with his Anemones

Versatile grower Bill Croft from Bassingham Lincolnshire had a clean sweep in the Anemone classes. He won the Coronation Bowl for 5 vases included was the new Anderton. This got best vase of anemone in show, his other vases were Mundial, Apricot Mundial, Mancetta Lace, and Rose Mundial. Bill also won the 3 vase and single vase classes.


Val & Dave Thorrington with their 15 Fantasy blooms

Fantasy Chrysanthemums have steadily become more popular since they were brought from Japan. Plymouth growers  Dave and Val Thorington retained the Amberway Salver for 15 blooms with 3 Pink Splendour, 2 Chesapeke, 5 SAlhouse Joy, 2 Yellow Knight, 3 Tutu

They also won the 9 bloom class with a fantastic bloom of Senkyo Jonetsu getting best bloom. Senkyo Jonetsu is a new 2012 release and seen for the first time at the National Show.

Individual Champion

John Marshall - Individual Champion

The Individual Championship carries the Harry Johnson Trophy. The grower has to produce 5 vases from separate sections.  John Marshall from Wendover won with 5 very good vases including the best Medium Intermediate Roy Coopland, he also had anemone First Light, Incurve Bryony Wade, Large Exhibition Silver Gigantic and reflex Cerise Patricia Miller.

Seedling Class
The seedling class carries the Chrysanthemum Raisers Trophy. Harry Lawson from Hartlepool won with his very stylish vase of Margaret Lawson.  Talk about keeping in with the wife, Margaret it Harryís wife Patís middle name. 

Affiliated Societies

Members of Swansea Society with their exhibit

The Top Class for Affiliated Societies carries the Unique Challenge Trophy for 7 vases of chrysanthemums.  Swansea Chrysanthemum Society retained the trophy.  Thatís where my remaining 3 large exhibition blooms went, Gigantic, Silver Gigantic and Bronze Gigantic. The best vase of large intermediate in show Pauline White grown by Howard Thomas, Bryony Wade grown by John Hobbs, Orange Patricia Miller grown by Cyril Powell and Sheila Coles grown by Ken Morgan. I must say the Swansea growers turn out in force; there were 10 of them staging 23 blooms, thatís 2.3 blooms per person.  We donít over exert in Wales, but we know how to celebrate a win.  The Red Dragon was waving once again.

Best Vases



Large Exhibition

Amber Gigantic

Ivor Mace

Medium Exhibition

Crown Royal

Dave Arnull

Large Singles

Golden Woolmans Glory

Ron & Margaret Jones

Medium Singles

Sheila Coles

John Kealey

Large Intermediate

Pauline White

Howard Thomas 
(Swansea Society)

Medium Intermediate

Roy Coopland

John Marshall


Bryony Wade 

Jack Gilbert

Large Reflex

Rileyís Dynasty

John & Allyson Peace

Medium Reflex

Doreen Statham

Ron & Margaret Jones


Senkyo Jonetsu

Dave & Val Thorrington

Single Spray


Chris Webber

Double Spray


Chris Webber



Bill Croft

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