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2001 Paul Barlow

2000 Climate Review

The following graphs and observations are based on information recorded at Dyce Airport in Aberdeen. This year it is possible to directly compare 2000 data with 1999 and 1998, and also with the 30 year average. 2000 was in some ways a difficult year. July was the key month - at the same time the coldest, driest and dullest as shown in the graphs below. Add to this the poor conditions in June (drier and colder) and it was no wonder that many growers started to complain of 'things running late'.  August was a reasonably good month and with bloom development a little delayed with many growers, the problems of damping in the bags that was so widespread during 1999 was not so apparent this year.


rain2000.gif (11296 bytes)

In 2000 we had two months in which rainfall was substantially lower than normal - June and July.  Compared with thirty year average we received over 38 mm less rainfall.

Hours of sunshine

sun2000.gif (11049 bytes)

Out of the six months under review in 2000:
- May and June were both had higher recorded sunshine hours than recent years
- March, May and June had higher sunshine hours than the 30 year average for these months.
- a total of 27 hours more sunshine than average for the period
- and only 4 hours more than the same period in 1999.

Mean daily temperature

temp2000.gif (11036 bytes)

In 2000 we see  May, June and July as the coldest in this category over the last three years and also colder than the 30 Year average for both June and July. August proved to be the warmest in recent years and warmer than the 30 year average. Fortunately there were fewer problems for developing blooms than had been experienced in 1999, partly due to flowers developing a bit later this year.

Maximum daily temperature August.

aug2000.gif (9898 bytes)

In August we had nine days in which the maximum temperature exceeded 20C and only five days that did not reach 15C. Highest temperature of 23C was reached on 25th August.

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Last updated on 27 December, 2001