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2001 Paul Barlow

1999 Climate Review

The following graphs and observations are based on information recorded at Dyce Airport in Aberdeen. This year it is possible to directly compare 1999 with 1998 and also with the 30 year average. 1999 was a better year for growing than 1998 being brighter, drier and warmer over the main months of the growing season - March to August. In August there where some problems with bright sunshine and high daytime temperature (well, high for Aberdeen anyway!). This caused many blooms to rot inside the bloom bags, particularly susceptible was the Chessington family. The mean temperature graph (below) does not highlight this too well so I've included an extra graph for August showing maximum daily temperature.


rain99.gif (7366 bytes)

In 1999 we had two months in which rainfall was higher than the average - April and June. Compared with 1998 we had substantially less rain over the same months - in fact 135.3mm less rainfall.

Hours of sunshine

sun99.gif (6556 bytes)

Out of the six months under review in 1999 we had:
- four months with higher than average hours of sunshine
- five months with more hours of sunshine than in 1998.
- a total of 24 hours more sunshine than average for the period
- and 106 more hours than the same period in 1998.

Mean daily temperature

temp99.gif (7994 bytes)

In 1999 we had four months that were warmer than average. July was markedly warmer than the previous year and the 30 year average for the month. However the temperatures during August caused most problems for developing blooms.

Maximum daily temperature August 1999.

aug99.gif (5938 bytes)

In August we had nine days in which the maximum temperature exceeded 20C and only seven days that did not reach 15C

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Last updated on 27 December, 2001