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2001 Paul Barlow

Bloom transport

Getting exhibition blooms to the show in good condition can be an eventful experience if the carrying methods are not secure.

carrier.jpg (17336 bytes) Bloom transport

Having protected the developing blooms to the best of my ability, and hopefully managed to get a few other things right along the way, I should now have blooms of exhibition standard ready for the shows. Getting blooms to the shows in good condition is an important job. I have used these home-made bloom carriers for many years without accident. Each carrier will take 12 blooms and uses the minimum of space. This allows me to get 4 carriers in the back of my estate car. All stems are cut to the same height - 26".

All blooms are transported in water and in an upright position. I use small plastic bottles in the carriers to try to keep the weight down.
The Bloom Box

A popular alternative before the arrival of the Transit van, was the bloom box that would be transported on the roof of the car.

box.jpg (26792 bytes)
3fives.jpg (22525 bytes)  


Staging and exhibition

There is an art to staging but it’s easy to learn.

My preference is to stage five blooms per vase as I think this gives a more pleasing result. This is the type of exhibit I look forward to making. This exhibit consists of Woolley Globe at the back, Carlene Welby in the centre and John Wingfield in front.

More information on staging can be found on the Staging page.

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Last updated on 26 December, 2001