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Date Last updated
11 March 2008

Cultivar Directory - Contribute your data .......... 

There is no doubt that compilation of this directory is a large and ambitious undertaking and  it will not be achievable by one person, or even several people working together. I therefore invite you to share your data and knowledge of the cultivars that you currently grow or have grown in the recent past to create the type of national resource that this directory could become - in effect this directory could be the U.K. National Collection in virtual form!

The directory will only be as good as the information that is supplied so please do share your data with other growers.

The information required is:
- your name
- your geographical location
- cultivar name, rooting date, stopping date, flowering protection used (i.e bags, overhead, shading), flowering height, blooms per plant and pictures if you have any
- your cultural tips for growing the cultivar, such as your feeding programme.

You can contribute in several ways:
  • A quick and easy way to contribute your data: 
    Click for the On-line input form
  • by e-mail - simply use the 'contact by e-mail' link to send your information to me. I will add any new information to existing pages or create new pages for cultivars that don't yet exist in the Directory.
  • by hardcopy - click this link to display a 'Cultivar Directory' form that you can print off, complete and send to me by post at the address on the foot of the form. Alternatively just jot down your information free-form and I'll do my best to format it into the Directory structure.
  • by phone - if you find talking easier than typing or writing then give me a call and I'll take your information over the phone. My number is 01224 869 796.

There is currently no other resource like this on the web, and although this project is still very much in its infancy, with your contribution it could become something that is really worthwhile. 


Copyright 2006 Paul Barlow.