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Date Last updated
07 January 2008

Cultivar Directory - Development plans  

This is undoubtedly an ambitious project, and by it's nature, one that will never be finished! The range of sections and number of cultivars that should be included is vast. Yet in order to make this a worthwhile and credible resource it has to be widely populated with as much information as possible.

I see the following broad stages in the construction of the Directory:

Stage 1 
- collect readily available information and create directory entries, irrespective of section and cultivar. 
- Publish the initial version of the Directory when this information is ready.

Stage 2 
- continue to collect information on the most popular exhibition cultivars as it should be easy to obtain pictures and talk with growers for cultural and rooting/stopping information.
- update the Directory on a reasonably frequent basis with this new information.

Stage 3
- find ways to gather information about popular non-exhibition sections and cultivars and create Directory entries as required.

Ongoing activities
- receive contributions from growers and update Directory accordingly,
- annually create new entries for newly released cultivars, all sections.


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