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Date Last updated
03 March 2012

Welcome to the U.K. Directory of Popular Cultivars. 
(Initial publication 16 June 2006, latest update: 03 March 2012 )

This is a new initiative to create a single point of reference for U.K. growers.  

Each cultivar in the directory will have as a minimum, information about the classification, colour and size. As the directory expands additional information will be added, such as pictures, cultural techniques and hopefully stopping times by broad geographic region. 

To begin with, the directory will focus primarily on popular U.K. exhibition disbud cultivars, but over time there is no reason why coverage should not expand to include other popular sections such as sprays, fantasies and non-exhibition sections.

Southway Superior

Directory Structure
The directory is structured by U.K. classification, as shown on the left side of this page. Within each section you will find lists of cultivar names - where the name is shown in blue and underlined it is a hyperlink to the directory entry for that cultivar. Section names and cultivar names shown without an underline do not yet have a directory entry.

There is also a feature that will allow you to locate a cultivar by its name if you are not sure what section it belongs in. The feature is a straightforward alphabetic list of all entries in the directory. When you find the name you are looking for just click to display the directory entry. 

Each cultivar entry conforms to a standard presentation convention that is used throughout the directory. Cultivar naming and sorting follows the structure used by the National Chrysanthemum Society (U.K.) and published in the National Register of Cultivars.

Keith Luxford - section 2

You can contribute
I don't know if this idea will be successful - the problem is this information is not readily available which means new growers find it very hard to obtain accurate cultural information - and we all know how much we need new growers!  

More information is needed in order to create a worthwhile directory so please do contribute your data for the cultivars you grow, particularly if there is not yet a directory entry. Even the stopping data for your area will be a useful addition to an existing entry as it may just help a new grower.

If you grow a section that's not yet listed then once again do send your information (and pictures) and we'll get it published asap. Click the 'Contribute your data' link to find out more.

This directory is the only on-line source of this type of information.

Initial setup
Initially the directory has been populated with a marvelous contribution of both cultural information and pictures from the records of Ivor Mace. I've also added information from my own records and supplemented this with pictures provided by Harry Lawson, Andy Wickham, Peter Fraser and Doug Stewart.

Other Contributors ......
The following have also contributed to the Directory: Jack Gilbert has supplied pictures of two John Nevill raisings in the Large Exhibition section, Richard and Sheila Coles, who  specialise in breeding and exhibiting late flowering singles, have contributed their knowledge and experience of cultivars in this section. Nick Trotman has also kindly provided pictures for the Late Singles section. John Harrison and Glen Spencer have chipped in with a picture and cultural information for the late flowering medium reflexed cultivar 'Olwyn'. Recently we have cultural notes from  Barry Hogg for cultivars 'Allyson Peace' and 'Syd Paine', and rooting and stopping dates for a number of cultivars from Gordon Dowson of Bishop Aukland and Sydney Webb has just contributed his stopping dates for Cornetto and Billy Bell for the Midlands area. Dave Holden used the new on-line contribution form to provide his cultural info for Woolman's Venture, Doreen Staham, Olwyn and sports and Shirley Sunburst, and John Evans from the Midlands kindly supplied a number of pictures of late singles and associated cultural information. Terry Williams, Swansea provided cultural information for Mundial and First Light & Sports, and David Hall (Hall's of Heddon) supplied some cultivar pictures. John Lawrie  supplied rooting and stopping dates for several late singles and anemones. Frank Charlton provided information and pictures for 2008 novelties Debbie Charlton and Alan Brown and Joe Jenkins provided information for Geneva Pride. Leo Youell  provided pictures of many Fantasy chrysanthemums. The NCS (courtesy of Terry Porter and Mike Higgins) provided pictures of new spray cultivars and some Fantasy cultivars. Roger Brownbridge has supplied cultivar specific information for a range of popular late intermediate cultivars including  'Edward Shaw', 'Mancetta Symbol', 'Denise Oatridge' Charles Tandy & Sports and more; Roger has also provided stopping information for large exhibition in the North of England. John Nevill has provided pictures of some very old Large Exhibition cultivars and  John Evans provided pictures of some old early reflexed cultivars.

Information on stopping dates is proving to be a problem. In the event of no dates for your area please try to obtain a copy of the NCS Northern Group Stopping Guide - Contact the U.K. National Chrysanthemum Society for more details. 

As the list of contributors grows (hopefully) I will acknowledge all who have shared their information and experience.

Ivor Mace Andy Wickham Peter Fraser
Roger Brownbridge Harry Lawson Doug Stewart
Dave Holden Richard and Sheila Coles Frank Charlton

Whilst trying to ensure that the classification quoted for each cultivar is accurate, it is possible that some directory entries may not reflect the latest classification issued by the National Society. In all cases the National Society hold the definitive classification data for each cultivar and they should always be consulted when confirming the current classification for any given cultivar.

Copyright statement
Please note that the information and pictures contained in the Directory can be freely used to assist you when growing your chrysanthemums. However, the information and pictures cannot be used in publications or displayed on other websites/web pages without permission. Thank you. 

Latest Update
March 2012
Substantial additions to most sections. Click Detailed History
November 2009
A new page containing detailed history of the directory
Detailed History

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