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Date Last updated
08 May 2011

U.K. Directory of Popular Cultivars. (updated 08 May 2011 )

Section 1 - Large Exhibition 

You can contribute
If you grow a cultivar that doesn't yet have a directory entry, or you have stopping data for your area then do send your information and we'll get it published asap.

Cultivars in the Directory Cultivars planned for inclusion
Albert Shoesmith

Duke of Kent/
Duke of Kent/Cream
Duke of Kent/Pink
Duke of Kent/Yellow

Edith Woolman

Elizabeth Shoesmith/

Fitton's Reward
Fittons Reward/Amber

Fred Saunders

Fred Taylor

Gerry Price
Gigantic/ Amber


Harry Gee/
Harry Gee/Amber

Harry Gee/Apricot
Harry Gee/Salmon

Ivor Mace

Jessie Habgood/
Jessie Habgood/Cream
Jessie Habgood/Primrose
Jimmy Mottram

Kota Kinabalu

Lancashire Fold/
Lancashire Fold/White
Lancashire Lad
Lilac Prince/White

Louisa Pockett

Mark Woolman/

Peggy Anne
Phil Houghton/
Phil Houghton/Yellow

Ralph Lambert
Ralph Lambert/Yellow
Red Rum


Shirley Primrose

Shirley Monarch

William Mascall
Woolman's Century

Arnold Fitton
Bill Bye

Elizabeth Shoesmith/Maroon
Elizabeth Shoesmith/Pink
Elsie Prosser



Harry Gee/White
Hilda Veal


Kota Kinabalu/Auric

Lilac Prince/
Lilac Prince/Salmon


Please note that the information and pictures contained in the Directory can be freely used to assist you when growing your chrysanthemums. However, the information and pictures cannot be used in publications or displayed on other websites/webpages without permission. Thank you. 


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