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Date Last updated
03 March 2012

U.K. Directory of Popular Cultivars. (updated 03 March 2012 )

Section 29 - September Flowering Sprays 

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If you grow a cultivar that doesn't yet have a directory entry, or you have stopping data for your area then do send your information and we'll get it published asap.

Aurora Queen

Best Man
Broadway Mandy

Broadway Mandy/primrose

Caukeel Cadmium
Caukeel Ciao
Caukeel Corn
Caukeel Copper
Caukeel Cracker


Dee Gem

Enbee Frill/
Enbee Frill/purple
Enbee Frill/salmon
Enbee Gift
Enbee Honeymoon

Enbee Wedding/

Enbee Wedding/bronze
Enbee Wedding/golden

Enbee Wedding/honey

Enbee Wedding/peach

Enbee Wedding/pearl
Enbee Wedding/primrose

Enbee Wedding/rose
Enbee Wedding/ruby
Enbee Wedding/salmon

Enbee Wedding/white

Enbee Wedding/yellow


Hillsway Billy


Holywell Catkin

Holywell Citrus

Holywell Girl

Holywell Olympic

Holywell Sunshine

Joshua Hunter

Karen Taylor


Myss Anna
Myss Angie
Myss Carol

Myss Dorothy

Myss Eliza
Myss Goldie

Myss Jem

Myss Kylie

Myss Marion

Myss Marion/pearl
Myss Misha
Myss Rihanna

Myss Saffron

Natalie Sarah

Paloma Haze 
Paloma Mist
Paloma Prim

Paloma Regent

Paloma Rose

Paloma Vivid

Pennine Ginger
Pennine Oriel/

Pennine Oriel/primrose

Pennine Oriel/yellow

Pennine Swan

Pennine Whistle

Roy Bevan

Sara Ann 
Southway Samurai
Southway Santa 
Southway Savoy
Southway Savoy/red

Southway Scallop

Southway Seraphim
Southway Sheeba

Southway Sheeba/bronze

Southway Shiraz
Southway Sizzle

Southway Ski

Southway Sloe
Southway Snoopy
Southway Snowcat

Southway Society

Southway Softessa
Southway Sorbet

Southway Spectacular

Southway Sphinx

Southway Spier

Southway Strontium

Southway Stomp
Southway Sublime

Southway Sugar

Southway Summit

Southway Sunbeam

Southway Sunkissed

Southway Superior
Southway Syrah

Talbot Carnival 
Talbot Imp
Talbot Maid/
Talbot Maid/cream

Talbot Parade/chestnut
Talbot Parade/pink

Talbot Parade/rose
Talbot Parade/salmon

Terry Brook

Please note that the information and pictures contained in the Directory can be freely used to assist you when growing your chrysanthemums. However, the information and pictures cannot be used in publications or displayed on other websites/webpages without permission. Thank you. 


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