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Date Last updated
09 May 2011

U.K. Directory of Popular Cultivars. (updated 09 May 2011 )

Section 5 - November flowering Intermediates

You can contribute
If you grow a cultivar that doesn't yet have a directory entry, or you have stopping data for your area then do send your information and we'll get it published asap.

Cultivars in the Directory Cultivars planned for inclusion
Balcombe Perfection/red


Denise Oatridge/
Denise Oatridge/White

Edward Shaw
Elizabeth Lawson

Fair Lady/orange

Geoff Brady

Geoff Brady/bronze

Geneva Pride

Gold Foil

Harold Lawson
Harry Revill

Hesketh Knight

Honeysuckle Time

Jan Wardle

Mancetta Symbol
Mancetta Symbol/yellow

Norton Vic

Purple Glow/

Roy Coopland
Roy Coopland/golden

Stan Addison

Stockton Celebration
Sylvia Bryans

Winter Queen/yellow

Balcombe Perfection/

Daily Mirror/
Daily Mirror/Crimson

Harold Lawson/Yellow
Hazel Macintosh

Honeysuckle Time/Pink

Jimmy Buglass

Purple Glow/Bronze
Purple Glow/Crimson

Sam Vinter/
Sam Vinter/Primrose
Sam Vinter/Yellow
Stan Addison/Silver

Winter Queen/
Woody's Choice

Please note that the information and pictures contained in the Directory can be freely used to assist you when growing your chrysanthemums. However, the information and pictures cannot be used in publications or displayed on other websites/webpages without permission. Thank you. 


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