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Date Last updated
26 January 2008

Cultivar Directory - News page  (last updated 26 January 2008

Paul Barlow

Thanks for taking the time to look at the new Cultivar Directory. I hope you found something useful in these new pages.

Compiling the directory is a slow process, pictures are sometimes hard to come by, even for the popular cultivars. Please check the list below and if you can provide any of these pictures or perhaps  better quality pictures than those currently being displayed please do send them in.

Best Regards,

Paul Barlow

.Pictures of the following cultivars would be much appreciated in order to create or improve the directory entry. 
Section 1 and 2 Incurved Reflexed
Elsie Prosser
Albert Shoesmith
Bill Bye
Arnold Fitton
Christine Mills
Cherokee Rose
Desert Orchid
Mark Slater
Monica Bennett sports
Simon Mills
Kay Woolman sports
Fairweather and sports
Cream Egret
Alan Foxall
Dorridge Celebration
Minstrel Boy sport
Stockton and sport
Stan Pope
Harry Woolman
Venice sports
Cherry Dynasty
Olwyn sports
Patricia Millar sports
West Bromwich and sports
Bronze John Wingfield
Gold John Wingfield
Intermediate Sprays Anemones
Clive Skinner
Yellow Rosa Hockedy
Roy Coopland sport
Winter Queen and sport
Shirley McMinn and sports
Daily Mirror and sport
Elizabeth Lawson
Harold Lawson and sport
Hazel Macintosh
Honeysuckle Time sport
Purple Glow and sports
Woody's Choice
Talbot Parade sports
Myss Safron

Woolmans Glory and sports
Hedgerow and sports
Kath Stephenson and sports
Chesswood Beauty
Masons family
My Love and sports

Mundial sports
Dorothy Mechen sports
First Light  sports


Fleur de Lys

no items yet

Please check this list regularly as it will be updated on a reasonably frequent basis. 


Copyright 2006 Paul Barlow.