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Date last updated: 
23 May 2011


Welcome to my year in pictures and video (23 May 2011 )

Paul Barlow at Dundee Flower Show

With this new series of pages I hope to help newcomers to the hobby by presenting a simple to follow guide through my year with exhibition chrysanthemums. There is a page for each month containing a description of activities in the month, there may also be pictures and sometimes a reference to video clips of the main activities being performed (see video library contents).

The introduction of short video clips will hopefully enhance the way the information is presented. When you click on a video library link it will open up a new page where you simply click on the 'play' arrow to begin the video. For consistency, the video library will appear on every page throughout this series. Some video files are in the form of film strips.

You will see from the sequence of links on the left that my chrysanthemum year begins in October with lifting and boxing stools and ends the following September with blooms on the show bench and stock selection for the following year. 
Regards, Paul

Updates & Additions log
Latest update - May 2011 - details of changes to compost mix show on relevant pages

2009 Updates:
15th December -
final videos in the Lates 2009 series plus Bloom Transport video.
6th September -
Dressing reflexed blooms for exhibition. Click the 'Dressing Blooms' link.
27th August
- new clips added to August Tours and Lates Videos 2009.
18th August - use of shading materials to protect developing blooms.
13th August -
new video clips on using Bloom Protection Frames, a second Bloom Bagging clip using a single 'wired bag' on Woolley Globe and the first of several general clips for August. 
10th August -
Visitor Comments page added. If you wish to leave a comment use the 'Contact me' link to send your comments by e-mail.
5th August
- An addition to the Lates Videos 2009 series - Topdressing a pot with fresh compost, also new videos on Wire supported Bags and the first of several clips on Bloom Bagging. All video links can be found on the right hand side.
29th July - two videos of methods to straighten a cocked bud, bud bagging and a look at my roof system for covering Earlies.  
23rd July - four short video tours around the plants - click 'July Tours' in the Video Library list, plus a progress report on the John Wingfields being grown as lates - click 'Lates videos 2009' to view.
June 2009 - section on growing some lates. Click the 'Lates 2009' link in the left hand navigation panel. There is also a new 'Lates' entry in the video library.

Note: Some pages also have conventional images, typically in thumbnail form.

Video Library

Lates videos 2009

October Jobs  (Filmstrip)

Chrysanth stool

Taking Cuttings

First Potting 

Second potting from container

Second potting from tray

Antagon Properties


March Tour

July Tours

August Tours

Straighten cocked bud

Bud Bagging

Roof system for Earlies

Wire supported bags

Bloom Bagging (1)

Bloom Bagging (2)

Bloom Protection Frames

Bloom shading

Dressing Blooms

Bloom Transport

Exhibits 2008 (Filmstrip)


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