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Date last updated: 
27 March 2009


My Year in pictures - July
July is a busy and exciting month.
By mid month there should be an abundance of buds being secured. 

Any cocked buds can be corrected with a little perseverence

Liquid feeding continues every five to seven days until the calyx splits and all feeding stops and a bud bag is placed over the expanding bud. 

By the end of July bud bags will be everywhere and finally the roof is put on the shelter.

Some thumbnail pictures of July:
july1-600.jpg (75137 bytes) july07-pots-budbags600.jpg (81854 bytes) july-budbags-shelter600.jpg (71637 bytes) july-roof600.jpg (53778 bytes)
Early to mid July
Plants putting on weight
First bud bags - 
plants in pots
Bud Bags
Plants in bed
My roof system uses
mini profile plastic sheets

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First Potting 

Second potting from container

Second potting from tray

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Straighten cocked bud

Bud Bagging

Roof system for Earlies

Wire supported bags

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