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Date last updated: 
14 December 2009


My Year in pictures - Growing Lates in 2009

Peach John Wingfield 
flowering Late October

This year I'm trying a few pots of John Wingfield and sports as 'lates' for flowering in November. The Wingfield is a natural October flower so some manipulation is required to try to delay flowering until early November. To support this topic you will find a Lates videos 2009 entry in the library and still images at the foot of this page. 

Tactics for later blooms
The delaying tactics started with date of rooting - the cuttings were inserted on 1st April using a fairly large plug tray and were kept in this tray for approximately one month. The next move was into another cell tray, this time a four cell tray equivalent in size to a half standard seed tray, for a further five weeks.

The next move was into final pots, 10 inch clay pots in this case. As you can see from the pictures below the final pots were not filled completely, this is to allow for two 'top dressings' of compost as the season progresses.

Video Library

Lates videos 2009

October Jobs  (Filmstrip)

Chrysanth stool

Taking Cuttings

First Potting 

Second potting from container

Second potting from tray

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Straighten cocked bud

Bud Bagging

Roof system for Earlies

Wire supported bags

Bloom Bagging (1)

Bloom Bagging (2)

Bloom Protection Frames

Bloom shading

Dressing Blooms

Bloom Transport

Exhibits 2008 (Filmstrip)

The idea in the early stages is to root later, restrict growth, reduce feed and allow a natural break to encourage the flowering laterals.

Compost mix
The compost used for the early stages is three parts soilless multi-purpose compost plus one part John Innes 2.

For final potting I re-used multi-purpose compost from last years early pots plus soil from my garden (3 parts to one part), to which I added 5 ounces of Vitax Q4 and three ounces of DCM Antagon per bushel (or 8 gallons in 'old money').

As mentioned above, rather than stop the plants I have decided to allow them to break naturally and let them initiate the flowering laterals on their own terms. When this has happens I will select flowering laterals well down the stem from the break bud to avoid the possibility of early buds on short laterals which can occur when a plant is allowed to form a natural break bud. This also means I will select the flowering laterals from part of the stem that is ripe and quite hard so hopefully lateral development will be slower than laterals selected from the soft part of the stem near the break bud.

Next Stages ...
I hope to chart the progress of Lates through a series of short video clips - Click the 'Lates Videos 2009' link in the Library. 

Date this page last updated: 14th December 2009

ilates09-containers.jpg (86954 bytes)      lates09-finals.jpg (86243 bytes)    lates09-clay-pots.jpg (121854 bytes)    lates09-standing-ground.jpg (92383 bytes)
Thumbnail Images: Cell trays and clay pots (2), final potting, pots on standing ground.

John Wingfield sports flowering under the early covers. 
These blooms were protected with bloom frames and greaseproof bags throughout their development


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