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Date last updated: 
23 May 2011


My Year in pictures - March

Stopping continues throughout this month. The picture on the left shows a Chempak Rose plant a few weeks after stopping. Notice the clean break of the main stem and the emergence of small growths in the leaf axils. These new shoots will form the flowering laterals.

Potting on stage 2
The main task this month is moving plants from their first potting containers into five inch or 1.5 litre pots.

Compost mix
The compost used for this potting job is three parts soilless multi-purpose plus one part John Innes 2.

Update: Compost mixes 2011
In recent years compost manufacturers have been encouraged to incorporate recycled materials into what were previously 100% peat based composts, additionally they have incorporated water retention chemicals. There two factors have influenced the performance of the compost to the extent that I was not happy to use such composts for my chrysanthemums.

So, for 2011 I have been making my own composts using the following components:
- 50% riddled compost from earlies grown in pots in 2010
- 50% newly bought Irish Moss peat

To each 6 gallons of the above I added:
- Chempak Multipurpose Potting base in accordance with instructions on the packet
- 2 ounces of DCM Antagon

This mixture is being used at all stages from propagation to final potting.

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Chrysanth stool

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First Potting 

Second potting from container

Second potting from tray

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Soil Analysis
Soil samples are gathered from all growing areas in preparation for soil analysis. Over recent years I have combined the samples from the outdoor beds into one sample, and both greenhouses into one sample. The reason for combining the samples is that when I had them analysed separately I found both greenhouse samples were very similar and both outdoor samples were also very similar. Besides which, sending two samples instead of four for analysis is only half the cost!



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