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Date last updated: 
27 March 2009


My Year in pictures - May
Planting out
May means moving the plants to their final positions. This can be planting directly into the greenhouse or outdoor bed or into final pots.

The picture on the left shows an ideal root system (in soilless compost). This plant is  ready for moving to the final position.

The picture below shows another plant with a good root system, a sound basis for the rest of the season. The picture below also shows the emergence of sturdy lateral growths from the leaf axils.

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Plant roots will quickly move into their new surroundings and top growth will speed up as the days lengthen and temperature increases.

By the end of the month all plants are reduced to two laterals - the most even two are selected and these will eventually carry the blooms. 

See below for thumbnail pictures around the plot at this time of year.

may-greenhouse2-planted600.jpg (69581 bytes) may-greenhouse1-planted600.jpg (66223 bytes) may-plantout4-600.jpg (94064 bytes) may-plot-planted600.jpg (63875 bytes) may-final-pots600.jpg (68807 bytes)
Greenhouse planted Greenhouse planted Plant secured to cane Outdoor bed planted Final pots

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