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Date last updated: 
23 May 2011


My Year in pictures - November/December 
(last updated 23 May 2011 )

Propagation (see video 'Taking Cuttings)
My first cuttings (cultivar 'Lynn Johnson') are taken in the last week of November, and continues throughout December usually in the following sequence - 
week 1 : First batches of Chempak Roses and Billy Bells plus Woolley Globe
week 2 : First batches of John Wingfield family and Millennium plus Woolley Pride, also second batches of Chempak Roses and Billy Bells
week 3 : Carlene Welby and Lorna Wood and second batches of John Wingfields and Millennium.

The compost mix for propagation is soilless multi purpose and perlite (approximately 4 parts to one part). After the compost is put into the propagating trays and watered, a layer of perlite is sprinkled over the top before cuttings are inserted.

Update: Compost mixes 2011
In recent years compost manufacturers have been encouraged to incorporate recycled materials into what were previously 100% peat based composts, additionally they have incorporated water retention chemicals. There two factors have influenced the performance of the compost to the extent that I was not happy to use such composts for my chrysanthemums.

So, for 2011 I have been making my own composts using the following components:
- 50% riddled compost from earlies grown in pots in 2010
- 50% newly bought Irish Moss peat

To each 6 gallons of the above I added:
- Chempak Multipurpose Potting base in accordance with instructions on the packet
- 2 ounces of DCM Antagon

This mixture is being used at all stages from propagation to final potting.

I use a variety of containers - 84 cell plug trays (quite a large plug size), 60 cell plug trays (small plug size) and standard seed trays. I have some handy 10 cell trays which are also very useful.

Cuttings are either snapped or cut off the stool, Each cutting is then prepared by snapping below a leaf joint and removing the lower leaves to give a cutting that is about 2 inches long. The cuttings are then dipped in hormone rooting powder before inserting in the compost. I use a pencil to make a hole for the cutting and then firm it in gently and then watering the tray again.

Each tray of cuttings is placed in a cold part of the greenhouse for 7-10 days and sprayed regularly with cold water. After this 'cold period' the trays is placed on the propagator (bottom heat of about 55-60F). After a further fourteen days the cuttings are normally rooted and can be removed from the propagator. 

My propagation system:
my system consists of a propagating blanket. This is a heavy duty aluminium blanket with a copper wire running through it . There is a sensitive thermostat which controls the temperature through a remote sensor that is inserted into the rooting medium alongside the cuttings. I set the thermostat to provide bottom heat in the range 55-60F and try to control the air temperature in the greenhouse so that it does not fall below 40F.

The components of the propagating setup are:-
- a base board to keep things flat and support the blanket;
- 1" polystyrene tiles for insulation;
- the blanket itself;
- a sheet of heavy duty polythene to protect the blanket;
- finally, capillary matting to keep the containers moist.

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Chrysanth stool

Taking Cuttings

First Potting 

Second potting from container

Second potting from tray

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Compost components Cuttings prepared Propagator A cutting after 
13 days
End result

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