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Date last updated: 
06 October 2009


Visitor Comments
After a number of kind and constructive comments I decided to create this Comments page. 
Date:   6th October '09
Name:   Ian Taylor (UK Grower)
Message contents:  Hi Paul,
just to let you know how much I am enjoying your year in growing chrysanthemums. It has been informative and also soul destroying at the same time. Having just retired I now have more time to spare and hope  to improve the quality of blooms. Many thanks for your clips over the year.
Ian Taylor

Date:   14th September
Name:   Jack Bentley
Message contents:  Hello Paul Thanks for the video on bloom dressing - interesting to see someone actually doing it. Regards Jack Bentley

Date:   10th September
Name:   Sam McGregor
Message contents: 

Paul, All super stuff, keep the good work up. It is much appreciated.
Kind Regards, Sam

Date:   29th August
Name:   Al Dormer (Ontario, Canada)
Message contents:  Hello Paul, The video clips that you are providing are really enjoyable and educational. I have ensured that all our members have been made aware of this excellent aid in growing. Good job.  Best wishes. Al Dormer

Date:   14th August
Name:   David Ledward (West Coast of Canada)
Message contents:  Hello Paul, Thanks a lot for all the work that you have done in putting forward these video's. After watching the July Tour, very interested in noting that some are being grown 1 up as compared to traditional, 2 or 3's. Be proud of what you do, you have my admiration . Hope to meet with you someday, from the west coast of Canada, ttfn. David

Date:   11th August
Name:   Harry Lawson (NCS Member UK)
Message contents:  Video " Year in my chrysanthemum growing" 
Your video's of "Monthly Growing Tips" are great & I use most of them myself. Pity this wasn't available when we started to grow & exhibit chrysanthemums. They are very useful for any chrysanthemum grower & not only the exhibitor. You have certainly put lots of work into the layout of your summary of growing. Keep up the good work. Regards, Harry

Date:   10th August
Name:   Jon Wainwright (Humberside Chrysanthemum Club, UK)
Message contents:  hi Paul I found your videos on YouTube to very interesting these would certainly help the novice grower and us old hands I have suggestion that may help the novice grower at the show bench . could you do a video of placing the blooms/ sprays into a vase for the show as when I first did this I found it a daunting task. Jon Wainwright, Humberside chrysanthemum club

Date:   3rd August 2009
Name:   Doris Joyce (UK) 
Message contents: Hi Paul, I have now seen all your videos and I think they are wonderful. I am glad you have included a video how to use the  bud bags. As a novice and probably many more like me I never knew at which stage of the bud to put the bud bag on. With your helpful video I can see at what stage the buds are at very clear and so I now know when to use the bag. On behalf of all those unknown novices out there can I say a big thank you so much for taking the trouble to make this interesting and helpful site.  Kindest Regards, Doris

Date:   5th August
Name:   John Waddington (UK)
Message contents:  Just to let you know Paul, I'm finding your clips very informative and wish to commend you on your imaginative project, watching someone perform the various chrysanthemum tasks is far easier to understand than trying to interpret instructions from a book. best regards John Waddington

Date:   31st July
Name:   Bruce Reed (Forest of Dean Society, UK)
Message contents:  Hi Paul, I have just watched your cocked bud video, and wondered where you source your tubing, what industry or normal use etc. I would like to try it. Cheers Bruce, Forest of Dean Society

Date:   29th July
Name:   Ivor Mace (NCS member, South Wales) 
Message contents:  Paul Your videos are great, I'm sure anyone remotely interested in growing chrysanths could quickly learn without making too many elementary mistakes. They also give confidence to anyone who might want to grow a few plants, that these tasks are really quite simple and easily attainable by anyone. Regards Ivor

Date:   28th July
Name:   Sam McGregor (UK)
Message contents:  Dear Paul, Excellent video clips, chrysanthemum growers irrespective of whether you are experienced or a new beginner will benefit from your advice and assistance. Congratulations on your video Sam McGregor

Date:   25th July '09
Name:   Jim Bryson (Ayr, Scotland)
Message contents:  Hi Paul, I must say how much I enjoyed the videos, your foliage seems to be better than mine, will this be to do with your feeding programme? Hope we get a video of your August work? Kind regards, Jim Bryson

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