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A day trip to Cambo Estate in Fife, February 2012

Cambo Estate, near St Andrews in Fife, is famous for the snowdrop display during February and March. We decided to take a run down there to enjoy the spectacle. These are some of the photos we took during our visit. In addition to these photos there is a page of close-ups where you can use the zoom and magnify facility. Click the Snowdrop Close-ups link in the table below.

The following pages contain images where you can zoom in and magnify:

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Major exhibits from the 2011 Early National Show Major Exhibits from the 2011 Late National Show
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My Daffodils 2011 Aberdeen Spring Show 2011
**NEW** Snowdrop close-ups .

Cambo House, near St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland
Woodland walk
Tree decorations - glitter balls are suspended from trees to make an amazing spectacle during the 'Snowdrops by Starlight' walk.
Stream through the walled garden
More tree decorations for the 'starlight' walk
Snowdrop carpet
Snowdrops by the stream
Click for Snowdrop close-ups => Cambo Snowdrops

Page updated: February 14, 2012