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Daffodils Shows in Scotland 2012 
These pages allow you to 'zoom in' on some of the best vases and best blooms

Move your mouse pointer over the images down the left side and you will see a larger version of the image alongside. Move your mouse pointer around the smaller image to see each exhibit in close-up detail. You can even increase magnification by using the scroll wheel on your mouse. 
Viewing tips: 
make sure you position the small image towards the top of the page and make the browser window wide enough to show all of the magnified image.

Links to other 'zoomable' pages: Zoom Pages index

Aberdeen RHS Spring Show          Link to: Dundee Daffodil Group zooms

Best Bloom ' Pacific Rim'

Best Vase 'Sweet Sue' 

Royal Caledonian Spring Show 

Best Vase and Best Division 3 'Silkwood' 

Best Division 1 'unknown'

Best Division 2 'Aberfoyle'

Best Division 6 - 'Rapture'  

Best Miniature 'Snipe'


Link to: Dundee Daffodil Group zooms



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Page updated: May 09, 2012