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Have you ever wanted to examine the top exhibits in close-up detail? Now you can!

Welcome to these new pages where you can use your mouse to move around the small images down the left hand side and see a magnified portion of the image on the right. You can even use the scrolling wheel on your mouse to increase/decrease magnification! 
Home in on every bloom and on every petal - see exactly what the judges saw (and maybe what they didn't see!).
To see how it works move your mouse over the picture of my vase of Joyce Frieda below

The following pages contain images where you can zoom in and magnify:

Best vases from the 2011 Early National Show Best vases from the 2011 Late National Show
Major exhibits from the 2011 Early National Show Major Exhibits from the 2011 Late National Show
 Cambo Snowdrops   Snowdrop close-ups
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includes the following: 
My Daffodils 2011 Aberdeen Spring Show 2011
Best blooms and vases Aberdeen & Royal Caley 2012 Best Blooms and vases Dundee Daffodil Group 2012

Best Vase at Perth Early Show 2011 

Best Vase in Show

"Joyce Frieda"
Grower: Paul Barlow 

- the best I've ever grown of this amazing cultivar, and possibly my best vase ever!

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Some readers' comments about the 'zoom' facility -
- Absolutely brilliant Idea, it shows up the faults as well, as you said. Keep up the good work much appreciated

- .. pictures and being able to see them close up is absolutely fantastic

- Love what you've done with the best vases, and I on a personal note, I like the thinking behind it




Page updated: November 29, 2012