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Have you ever wanted to examine the top exhibits in close-up detail? Now you can!

Use your mouse to move around the images down the left hand side and see a magnified portion of the image on the right. You can even use the scrolling wheel on your mouse to increase/decrease magnification! Home in on every bloom and on every petal - see exactly what the judges saw!

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Best vases from the 2011 Early National Show Best vases from the 2011 Late National Show
Major exhibits from the 2011 Early National Show Major Exhibits from the 2011 Late National Show
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My Daffodils 2011 Aberdeen Spring Show 2011

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Major Exhibits - Late National Show 2011

Large Exhibition
Barry Cundiff

Medium Exhibition
Dave Arnull

Phil Griffiths

Medium Decoratives
Frankie Charlton

Large Singles
Keith Atkinson

Medium Singles
Audrey Simpson

Dave & Val Thorrington

Individual Champion
Ron Jones
Bentley Trophy for Best Exhibit in Show

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Page updated: February 11, 2012