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A growing interest in Daffodils and Tulips 

In 2011 I grew a few pots of daffodils and tulips. The results of my efforts are shown below. As a complete beginner in this new interest I've yet to make a competitive entry at any of our Spring Shows. I have some more daffs and tulips this year, along with those carried over from last year and I hope to visit as many shows as I can this spring. I suspect this interest has the potential to become as addictive as chrysanthemums!

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Best vases from the 2011 Early National Show Best vases from the 2011 Late National Show
Major exhibits from the 2011 Early National Show Major Exhibits from the 2011 Late National Show
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My Daffodils 2011 Aberdeen Spring Show 2011

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My Daffodils and Tulips 2011 - all images are 'zoomable'

All American


Corky's Song


Daffs in Pots

More Daffs in Pots 

Fine Romance

John Daniels

Lemon Brook

Special Envoy


Stunning Tulips

More Tulips 

Uncle Duncan 

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With thanks to Frankie Charlton who kindly supplied me
 with bulbs and the encouragement to give daffs a try.




Page updated: February 11, 2012